DSCN1719“Road trip!”

Exciting words, right?  Right.  New places, new people, new foods, new experiences. . .a new life lesson or two. . .all of these things are possible when we road trip, and you can experience them all right here, right now in the GlobeHugblog.

GlobeHug brings magical road trip experiences to people who cannot travel themselves.  It is my belief that if everyone could travel to a ‘foreign’ place once a year, then there would be more cooperation, understanding, and compassion among the peoples of the world.

This blog is full of images from all seven continents on our Earth–eight if you count Madagascar, as I do. . .look at them, feel them. . .share them with others, if you like.  This is your road trip, and you can approach it in any way that you like.

Please feel free to click on any location that interests you in the Category menu below these introductory paragraphs. . .you can go just about anywhere you like right NOW.  This blog is not linear. . .the whole Earth is available for your exploration here. . .dive in deep and see where you land.  No matter where you land, I guarantee that you will find something in here that will help you feel better than you already do about being alive on our planet.  So, let’s roooooad triiiiiiiip!

It’s lovely out there!

Intrepidly yours,


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  2. Nothing rings truer than your statement “if everyone could travel to a ‘foreign’ place once a year, then there would be more cooperation, understanding, and compassion among the peoples of the world” and that is a good enough reason to get out and see/experience what you can.


    • Hello dalo2013–
      Yes, so happy that you agree with my overall philosophy of travel. Visiting ‘foreign’ places is an important part of the education of human beings. . .really too bad that everyone cannot participate in this wonderful activity.
      Keep traveling safely and intelligently. . .and I will look forward to seeing you out there somewhere.
      All the best–


  3. Do you travel to all these places? I am so following your blog! Traveling excites me but I get only once chance to travel to “foreign” places every year. Its not enough! This is probably the best blog I have stumbled upon here.


    • Hello Aveek. . .yes, I have traveled to all of these places, and I am always hungry for more. Keep working hard at whatever you are doing, and you never know what doors will open up for you to allow you to travel everywhere you want. Thank you for your kind words regarding my blog. . .glad you like. I look forward to hearing more from you. All the best–David.


  4. David,
    How can I travel with very little money/income? I’ve got the fever. I’ve got skills to offer. Just sprinkling dust out there to the Universe to make it happen.


    • Hello Suzanne. . .you just gotta go wherever you can. There are great adventures to be had in your town, your county, your state, your country, your continent, etc. Don’t have to go far physically to go far psychically. Get an ESL teaching certification, and you can go just about anywhere that you like. Plus, you always have GlobeHug to take you away for awhile:-). Keep sprinkling the dust cuz we’re all just stardust anyway. . .see you “out there” somewhere. All the best–David.


  5. David,
    This is ron campbell from your hometown and I am visiting with you and your travels today. Hard to believe all of the places you have been over all these years! I need to suggest that you look at going to Cape Breton, Nova Scotia next year in spring or summer. My parents were from there,mom was from Judique and my dad was from the same area. Cape Breton Highlands National Park is beautiful place and the Scottish heritage runs deep where ever you go. Great place to go for fresh crab and many other times of sea food. The music, food and lovely people would be very enjoyable to you and your wife I think! You will find a lot of Campbell’s, MacEachern’s and MacDonalds there, which are all my relatives and family friends.
    Stay safe, keep exploring and sharing brother, best to you and your lovely wife!


    • Hey buddy…lovely to hear from you. Yes, we have been oot-n-aboot a bit over the years–tons of fun to explore and document here on the blog–jaaa! We will add Cape Breton to our places-to-go list and possibly get up there at some point…thanks for the tip. Hope you are well…all the best–David.


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