Eat with these guys…San Francisco–

MMM!  Above you see Tom and Marino helping my wife celebrate her birthday with the absolute best seafood in all of San Francisco. . .Swan Oyster Depot ROCKS!. . .thank you, guys.

Smoked trout, cracked crab, crab salad, shrimp salad, “a dozen eggs,” Sicilian sashimi, clam chowder, “the Maverick,” reasonable bottles of pinot gris, pints of Anchor Steam are all things to get here. . .order it all, jam it in yer gullet, wash it down with your favorite beverage, and you can thank me later.

Please eat here…wait in the line outside…DO IT. . .you will love everything about this place–I gar-ron-taaaayy!

I send you delectable and welcoming vibes from Swan Oyster Depot on Polk Street in San Francisco. . .feel them. . .they will make you go “aaaahhhhhh.”

It’s lovely out there.


Mississippi motorcycle meditation–

RIDE, BABY, RIDE!  Out here on the Great River Road that runs along the mighty Mississippi River in southwestern Wisconsin things are wide open and flowing.  There is no traffic…few people…occasional rest stops along the way…big sky…churning river water…and warm summer breezes. . .mmm, aaaahh!

That’s Iowa over there…or maybe Minnesota depending on how far north I am at the moment, but it doesn’t really matter. . .all these borders are fine and dandy–it is more fun to imagine the borderless time out here…surely it was rougher…fur traders, frontiersmen, ne’er-do-wells. . .and gringos just like me making their way here and there soakin’ up the sweet open vibes, thinkin’ about nuthin’, sippin’ refreshing beverages, snappin’ pix, and movin’ along.

The Mississippi River is massive: wide and long. . .it was here long before us, and it will be here long after we are gone.  What are we doin’ here?  Where are we goin’?  No matter as long as we enjoy the ride.

I send you wanderin’ vibes from the banks of the Mississippi River here in southwestern Wisconsin. . .feel them. . .they will have you smilin’ all day long.

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It’s lovely out there.

West coast daydreamin’–

MMM!  Hangin’ out in Half Moon Bay…breathin’ in the sea air…checkin’ out the hay…contemplatin’ existence in this spot amidst the 14-billion-light-year vastness of the universe. . .ooooo, makes my head hurt.

The Golf Links at Half Moon Bay are a great place for meditating. . .that’s all that everyone is doing here–meditating on a golf ball to help them enjoy the passage of time.  Kool, nice, no problem. . .we love it, and we love meditating on them while they are meditating on their balls…jaaa!!

Fortunately it is not warmer out here or this place would be overrun with folks. . .the cool air and fog ensure that everyone has plenty of space around them to allow for unimpeded navel gazing.

I send you chilly and deep vibes from Half Moon Bay. . .come on out here and experience them yourself some time. . .they are good for your digestion and circulation.

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It’s lovely out there.

#1 kooky dining…San Francisco–

WOW!  Here we are puttin’ on a solid feed at a joint called Boboquivari’s on Lombard Street in San Francisco. . .this place is fun and kooky and delicious–let’s check it out.

Bobo’s is located in the Russian Hill section of town, and this makes sense because our waitress is from Ukraine, there is a dude in the corner of our dining room with a drunken woman on his lap–she falls over as they are leaving…and there is a general feeling that nefarious stuff is happening or has happened here now and throughout the years.  I am working real hard to not upset anyone…anything could go sideways in here real fast.

So we get busy ordering food…we do crab bisque soup and a crab crostini–both delicious…we then do the famous iron roast skillet that is simply a giant seafood fajita-type thing loaded with crab legs, clams, mussels, and shrimps…extremely wild and extremely tasty.  We wash everything down with a good bottle of pinot grigio, and we are quite happy.

The walls of Bobo’s are loaded with paintings of court jesters and harlequins that are all angled and crooked like they might be after an earthquake. . .this place is unique…lots of dark reddish lighting…and lots of funky vibes.  Though it should be noted that the entire staff is nice and welcoming to us…especially our waitress, a young chick from Ukraine who dances a Ukrainian jig when she learns that tonight is my wife’s birthday. . .dya-ko!!

I say eat at Bobo’s when you are in San Francisco…it is a bit nutty feeling, but the food is outstanding–your belly and you will leave here satisfied.

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It’s lovely out there.

#1 seafood…San Francisco–

BAM!  This place gets our vote for the number one dining spot for seafood in San Francisco…it’s the Swan Oyster Depot, and it ROCKS!  Let’s check it out.

Swan is located on Polk Street in the Polk Gulch section of town. . .there apparently is always a line to get into this joint because there are only 18 stools at the long counter–so, we get in line, and we wait. . .and I recommend that you wait too because this place serves delectable grub.

We arrive at about 2:00 p.m. on a Monday…we wait a little over an hour…and BOOM we are offered two stools at the counter–jaaaa!!  The dude working the counter, Marino, is totally chill and takes no b.s. from anyone…we follow his directions willingly.  In addition, he had brought us a beer and a wine while we were in line, and we are now indebted to him forever and ever.

Anyway, we get busy with a bowl of chowder and a dozen raw. . .the chowder, New England style, is totally delicious, and the oysters are full of magical west coast creaminess and brininess of the sea. . .mmm, aaaahh!!

Next we do a half cracked crab–the last one of the day it turns out…we do smoked trout salad…we do a sashima/ceviche thing of salmon and tune and scallops…and we do a famous ‘off-menu’ item known as a dozen eggs–this is delectable scallops served with a dot of Sriracha sauce in the middle–soothing and magical.  EVERYTHING is fresh, delicious, and served with tough love.  We wash all of this stuff down with a bottle of pinot gris, and we are good-to-go.

While we are eating we chat with Marino and the owner, Tom Samcimino, who is the son of the guy who bought this place from the Danish brothers who started it back in 1902…so a third generation owner with no sign of stopping or giving it up.  Marino works here with his brother…they are focused and totally switched on–we love all these guys.

Once you are inside this joint it’s like you are in their home kitchen…no one rushes you to do anything…you sip your beverages, you eat your food, you chat with the staff, you snap photos with the staff…totally chill and nice and real and delectable.  Fabulous vibes here and even more fabulous food.

We cannot imagine a more interesting and wonderful eating experience in San Francisco, a town full of potentially annoying and off-putting joints…Swan Oyster Depot stands head and shoulders above them all.  Come here, get in line, and enjoy the special experience at Swan in this great city by the bay.

I send you warm and human vibes from the Swan Oyster Depot…feel them…this is the way every dining experience should be.

It’s lovely out there.

The future is NOW–

So, electric cars and electric EVERYTHING are with us to stay. . .what to do, what to do?

We pop out to Fremont, California about a one hour drive south of San Francisco to have a look-see at the Tesla factory, listen to a rap by a company rep, and see what’s what.

Our overall impression is that this place and this company are impressive.  The Tesla factory is an old facility that Tesla purchased from GM/Toyota a number of years ago.  Tesla has been in business since 2003, and they are well on the way to changing the world in dramatic ways.

The main thing to note is that Tesla is not simply a car company…they are a sustainable energy company and are working toward providing sustainable electric power for cars, homes, businesses, towns, cities, and who knows, possibly everything on the entire planet at some point. . .wow, impressive indeed. . .and totally possible, I think.

We ride around a golf cart inside the plant, and we are shown Tesla automobiles being built from the raw aluminum sheet metal stage…parts being stamped out…supplies and parts being delivered to assembly stations…quality control pods…worker break areas…large welding stations…painting units…battery assembly and installation…final assembly…vehicles rolling off of the line. . .WOW!–most of this stuff is being done by giant robots–WOWEEWOWOW!!

The main thing that strikes me as a dude who grew up on the outskirts of Detroit surrounded by steel mills and auto assembly plants is how clean and quiet it is in here.  It almost feels like not much is happening…like nothing is being built–especially cars. . .this amazes me!  They are building high performance electric automobiles in here, and it feels like folks are kinda hangin’ out and waving to us as we drive by. . .fascinating.

Of course, there are concerns regarding the financial survival of Tesla at the moment, but I have faith in this Elon Musk dude–the founder and leader of Tesla–he is heading toward a point way down the path that not many folks can see, and I have a feeling that he is going to reach that point and even surpass it.

Plus, these cars are wonderful…sleek, fast, clean, simple, and somewhat like magic carpets–it is almost dizzying to ride in one for the first time: quiet, sophisticated, powerful, mind-blowing…jaaaa!

Do your due diligence if you are considering acquiring a Tesla automobile, and if you can come on out to Fremont and tour the factory, chat with a rep, ride in a vehicle…do it. . .it may change your life forever and ever and lead you into the future RIGHT NOW.

I send you juiced-up vibes from the Tesla factory in Fremont, California. . .feel them. . .they are shockingly soothing.

It’s lovely out there.

Delicious grub on the Pacific–

This is our number one dining spot in Half Moon Bay, California…it’s called Sam’s Chowder House–let’s eat!

Sam’s is a big bustling shack-like space situated right on the Pacific Ocean in Half Moon Bay…we have a reservation, we check in at the hostess desk, we are told to chill at the bar until our table is ready, we obey.

This large place is packed on a Sunday evening…we sip Anchor Steam Beer and white wine at the bar…”the game” is on…people are gobbling all kinds of delicious-looking seafood all around us…the staff is attentive and welcoming…we are happy.

We are called to our table. . .we are seated at a spacious 4-top in a cozy corner facing the ocean…we are more happy.

Our server is right on us, and we order…I gotta try the clam chowder–it is New England-style, it is creamy, it is served in a large bowl, and it is delicious–no problem suckin’ it all down–jaaaa!  Then we do a dozen oysters…slurrrrrrpp–wonderful!  Then we do a cioppino and a halibut or bass or something. . .this stuff is all delicious and wonderfully cooked. . .we gobble everything with no problem at all.  And we wash it all down with a bottle of pinot gris…so niiiiice!

Sam’s is fabulous!  If you ever find yourself hangin’ out in Half Moon Bay or somewhere hereabouts, then you gotta eat here. . .lots of good stuff, everyone is happy, and you have a magical setting right on the shore of the Pacific Ocean…can’t beat this at all.

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It’s lovely out there.