Dessert and sunshine–


What else do we need but a little dessert and sunshine?

Dessert is good and good for you…loaded with lots of sugar and fruit and love. . .mmmm, aaaahh!

And then we have the sun…the source of all life. We gotta revere that light and keep celebrating it until we can celebrate no more.

The sun comes up on the eastern horizon and drops away on the western horizon. . .this is the same for all folks, no matter where they are.

The sun puts on a show. . .the best show in town. Colors, sparkles, rays and warmth.

This warmth, this light, allows us to do stuff…get up in the morning, stretch, breathe, smile…do some exercise…grow food…build things…etc. and so on.

So, always enjoy your dessert wherever you are…and know that that dessert is not possible without a little light and warmth provided by our good ole buddy, the sun.

I send you warm and sweet vibes from somewhere on the edge of the horizon…feel them…they are good for your circulation.

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It’s lovely out there.

Stay curious and colorful–

Let’s go in.
Color blocker.
Stay colorful.

MMHHMMM! We gotta keep lookin’ at stuff in an attempt to keep our synapses poppin’…let’s see what we have here.

We have old artists and emerging artists. . .the Rubells are longtime collectors and have a forward-looking approach to their selections. So though a lot of this place feels like a stroll down memory lane, there is still enough new-ish stuff that keeps us thinking, “the now is cool, and the future could also be cool, if we allow it to be.” Very nice.

The Rubell Museum is spacious…plenty of room for all of the work to breathe and stretch out…plenty of room for us to breathe and stretch out as well…very breathable and stretchy–niiiiiiice.

The pandemic continues, we are fully vaccinated, we embrace masking up, everyone maintains generous social distance…plus, there is a tasty restaurant on the premises–mmmm, aaaaahh! Hence, there is very little reason to not take in some art and lunch. . .

. . .wherever you are take all precautions to protect your health, and then get out and do something stimulating and scintillating and vaccinating. (Is ‘vaccinating’ an adjective?…it is NOW)

I send you colorful vibes from a museum somewhere on the coast of North America…feel them…they can help you remember why being a human is a good thing.

It’s still lovely out there.

Ridiculously good…Nakaji…NYC–

Ready for gobbling.
Typical magical goodness served up by Nakajima-san.
The master: Nakajima-san.
Toro, baby, toro.
Uni, from Russia and Hokkaido with love.

Yes, the pandemic is being managed, vaccines are being injected and we continue to be hungry. . .sushi always makes us happy. . .and we are never happier than when we gobble with Nakajima-san at his joint called simply, Nakaji. Let’s check it out.

Nakajima-san is a sushi master…he wants us to feel like we are in his house, and his house is very nice–soothing, simple and clean…we could stay here for a long time, if he would let us.

It’s cold outside so he starts us off with a delectable little abalone soup with a hot broth that makes us go, “aaaahhh!”

After this we gobble skipjack, spider squid (whole baby squids served in a savory sauce–delightful), bass and baby peach…then an array of sushis that include more bass, snapper, mackerel, toro, salmon roe, uni from near Russia, uni from Hokkaido, more uni, eel, etc. and so on. . .until we end with a tasty little Japanese strawberry with powdery miso. . .ALL TOTALLY RIDICULOUSLY GOOD! WOW!!

All of this goodness is washed down with a sparkling wine from Alsace–not bad…and a big bottle of sake called ‘Dan’. . .mmmm, aaaaahh!

So, please keep your chins up out there. . .all is moving upward and onward. . .and wherever you are do your best to enjoy the best stuff you can find around you. Time is short, and we gotta enjoy everything we can NOW.

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It’s lovely out there.

Morimoto-san on the premises–

HAI! Moromoto-san is present and accounted for at his new joint called Momosan–jaaaa! We love it…let’s check it out.

Momosan is simply a ramen and sake bar that serves lots of tasty tidbits in addition to Morimoto’s delicious ramens and sakes.

During this gobble session we devour spicy wontons, tasty fried chicken chunks, superb slow-cooked pork ramen (cooked for 7 hours, only 25 bowls served each night) and extremely wonderful wagyu pho–you can see Morimoto-san himself in the photo above searing our wagyu with a blow torch before pouring in the delectable broth. . .mmmm, aaaaahh!

We wash the whole meal down with yuzu margaritas–totally tasty…and a nice bottle of sake nick-named “red snapper” because there is a red snapper on the bottle–very nice.

EVERYTHING here is well-prepared and full of flavor, the atmosphere is open-air feeling and the staff are all sweet, helpful and switched on.

Please find Momosan in Wynwood whenever you can and eat here. . .you will love it–I gar-ron-taaaaaayy!!

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It’s lovely out there.

Lunch on the Little River–

BOOM! March is here, and it is GOBBLE-TIME…jaaaaa!

It is wonderful to find French onion soup, coq au vin and delectable burgers along this cozy Little River. . .and even better when we wash everything down with a bottle of Rhone red…mmmm, aaaaahh.

We can feel it…we are turning a corner with this pandemic thing. Folks are being vaccinated, lots more folks will be vaccinated over the coming weeks and months…everyone is doing a good job with masking up and maintaining good social distance…and a teeny-tiny bit of that herd immunity is starting to rise up–gotta keep on with all of these actions so we can move upward and onward through this mysterious existence.

Keep enjoying the ride wherever you are…we puny humans are no match for nature and the universe…just smile, eat well, sip responsibly and embrace your stardustness.

It’s lovely out there.

Year of the Ox–

KABOOMY! We made it out of the Year of the Rat and into the Year of the Ox. . .phew!–what a ride!

Of course, we have to celebrate with a great meal and soothing drinks and dragons and lucky money, etc. and so on. Eat and drink well, exude gratitude and know that all things keep moving forward no matter what we think of the particular circumstances of the moment.

During this meal we have fish and veggies and beef and pork and dumplings and baos and sweets galore. . .all of it is washed down with cocktails called the Szechuan Dragon and the Golden Flower…plus, a tasty bottle of cabernet from Honig out Napa-way…mmmm, aaaahh!

The Ox is supposed to be a bit more stable and solid than the wily Rat. . .perfect for a year in which folks are looking for calm and paths forward through so much nuttiness.

Sit back, relax, stay focused on your dreams, and know that the Ox is here to help you do whatever you want to do.

It’s lovely and Oxly out there.

The sun and the moon–

They both keep comin’ up and goin’ down. . .up and down, up and down, etc. and so on.

The sun and the moon remind us that we are small itsy-bitsy specks of matter that exist for a moment and then POOF return to the stardust from whence we came. . .mmmm, aaaahh!

It is an honor that we are given the chance to become conscious for a moment or three so that we can observe and experience the beauty and mystery all around us. We have gratitude for this opportunity…or at least we should have gratitude.

Look up at the sun, feel the warmth…look up at the moon, feel the lightness…look all around you, feel the WOWness of it all. . .totally mysterious, absolutely magical, troubling at times, and fully worthy of our awe.

I send you warm and sparkling vibes via the sun and the moon. . .feel them. . .they are worth gettin’ up for again and again and again and again.

It’s lovely out there.

Eat a frita–

MMM! A frita and a Cubano and a cerveza. . .lovely snack on a lovely day.

A frita is a specially-seasoned burger patty served on a delightfully soft bun with lettuce, tomato and a big handful of fried shoe-string potatoes…maybe you can include some pickles and jalapeƱos…but whatever is on this thing all I can say is, “mmmm, aaaaahh!”…it is delicious…muy delectable! Gimme three more, and let’s head to the beach and gobble ’em all!

A Cubano is easy…you know what this is, right? A lovely long Cuban bread bun filled with roasted pork, ham, Swiss cheese, pickles and mustard…grill or toast it in a panini grill-type thing…then eat and enjoy. . .jaaaaa!

And cerveza is just beer. . .but you know this already. Cerveza is the perfect wash-down liquid for a frita or a Cubano. Choose one that you like, be sure that it is icy-cold and enjoy.

Pandemic lockdown ain’t so bad when we are surrounded by good grub like fritas and Cubanos…ain’t so bad at all.

So, keep watchin’ the sun come up, keep breathin’ the air, keep feelin’ gratitude and keep gobblin’ and sippin’ good stuff. . .you got this…enjoy everything NOW.

It’s lovely out there.

Stay artsy–

BOOM! Art galleries are great for infusing ‘culture’ into one’s life while maintaining good social distance..oh boy.

We got a little Flavin…we got some McCracken…and a few others. . .all good for supplying small ‘yeses’ amidst the vast ‘nos’ of the universe. . .and also good for just getting us out of the house a bit…lovely.

The lights and pillars you see above are good reminders of things that are important for all of us: keep lookin’ for light. . .no light, no us. . .it’s always dark, otherwise we wouldn’t need light–Thelonius Monk. . .etc. and so on. . .

. . .and pillars remind us to stand strong and tall. . .we are here, darn-it, and it is good for us to remain appreciative and gracious regarding this fact…more fun being than not being, yes? Mmmhhmmm.

So, keep lookin’ toward the light, keep standing tall, and be sure to get the vaccine whenever you can. . .so much more good stuff to come. . .yeeeeee-haaaaaaa!

It’s still lovely out there.

Thai grub…pandemic-style–


Okeedokee, you want us to dine outdoors in the cold–check…you want us to stay socially distanced while on your premises–check…you want us to wear masks while wandering about–check. . .we can do all of this and more as long as the food is as good as what they are serving at this joint. . .mmmm, aaaahh!

A new Thai joint has popped up here in the West Village of NYC, and it is quite tasty. . .we get busy with the dumpling platter, spicy tom yum soup, crispy duck in spicy curry, and a whole fried red snapper served up with peppers and veggies in a simmering broth. . .totally delectable and perfect grub for eating outdoors pandemic-style.

We wash the whole meal down with bottles of Chang. . .wow, if it wasn’t for the 35-degree temps we could swear that we are sitting in a market in Bangkok.

So, stay well fed…you’re gonna need your energy because the light is coming, the resurgence of vitality is coming, the return to fun activities is right around the corner. Hang in there, kids…every little thing is gonna be alright.

It remains lovely out there.