Maximize the deliciousness–


While rolling along with the lockdown we gotta keep maximizing all of the deliciousness around us.

So, we don our face masks and head out into the wild. . .we make our way to a socially-distanced table in a fine dining establishment. . .we settle in and commence to gobblin’.

During this lockdown feed session we ingest savory chicken slices, meat-filled bao, crispy gold-striped dumplings, mille feuille dumplings–AMAZING, crispy lobster, Szechuan branzino and a few other delectable items. . .everything slides down nicely while sipping on a bottle of New Zealand sauvignon blanc. . .mmmm, aaaaahh!

It is important to maintain good nutrition while waiting for a vaccine and a return to standard social operating procedure. . .plus, very nice for all of us to keep patronizing businesses wherever we are so folks can get back to making a living in all walks of life.

Eat well, drink well, socialize well and soon this ridiculousness will pass.

I send you energizing vibes from a wonderful dining spot somewhere in coastal North America. . .feel them. . .they will help you live long time.

It’s still lovely out there.

Stone crab season, etc.–


It’s stone crab season here in coastal North America, and we are ready for it…ready to gobble away on succulent crab claws and knuckles. . .bring ’em on, bring ’em alllllllllll on–jaaaa!

Of course, stone crab claws and knuckles are not enough to fill our hungry bellies…so we also include grilled lobster tail, grilled shrimp and grilled whole yellowtail at this particular feed session. . .delectable, absolutely delectable.

The whole shebang is washed down with a delightful New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc…tasty, reasonable and satisfying. . .mmmm, aaaah!

We know that things are kooky at the moment…or possibly they just feel kooky and everything is simply the same as it ever was. . .whatever the case, you gotta keep yourself energized and well-fed for the days, weeks, months and years ahead. . .be sure to maintain your regular intake of seafood, and you will be good-to-go for all that lies ahead. . .and it ain’t really all that much that lies ahead cuz this ride will be over in a flash–enjoy it all NOW.

I send you nutritional vibes from one of coastal America’s great seafood joints…feel them…they will help you smile real-big-like.

It’s lovely out there.

Distant lunching–


Distant lunching is totally working for us. We love having large tables all to ourselves as we gobble and sip the afternoon away. . .mmmm, aaaahh!

Tasty bloody marys help us get our minds right before the grub arrives…at this particular joint we are ingesting grilled/baked oysters, tuna/salmon crudo topped with avocado paste, and a delectable seafood casserole packed with grouper, lobster, crab, prawns and a soothing broth. . .we wash everything down with a New Zealand sauvignon blanc from Cloudy Bay–spot on!

And for dessert we do sorbet: coconut, mango and cinnamon pistachio–YES!

Good food and good drink shared with fascinating loved ones make all the kookiness of the universe fade away. The kookiness never fades completely though…it is always here, there and everywhere–same as it ever was and same as it ever will be forever and ever.

I send you upliftingly nutritional vibes from a great feed spot somewhere in coastal North America…feel them…they will help you keep on keepin’ on.

It’s lovely out there.

We love to dine–


We are maintaining our social distance from all fellow humans, but we still get hungry…so we venture out for some cooked Japanese-type grub and a bit of sushi. . .good choice, very good choice.

During this particular dining session we gobble some tasty savory grouper, a lovely smaller fish that is first cooked and served, then the bones are taken, deep fried, and returned for us to crunch on ensuring that no part of the fish is wasted…bits of sushi that include yellow-tail, toro, eel and tuna…and a soothing bottle of junmai sake to wash everything down. . .mmmm, aaaah!

Things are coming back…and then they are not coming back…and all of the nuttiness continues. . .but we always have good food and drink to share with a loved one or three to help us keep on keepin’ on.

I send you nutritional vibes from a coastal Japanese-like joint. . .feel them. . .they are good for your physical well-being.

It’s lovely out there.

Harvest time/Bloody Mary–

It’s time to harvest the crops in the northern hemisphere…perfect time for a Bloody Mary or three…mmmm, aaaaahh!

Pumpkins are here, there and everywhere…the air is getting cooler in some areas…and the sun keeps shining. . .even during pandemic lockdown.

We are waiting for a vaccine…this will probably come some time in 2021, and in the meantime we might as well sip on somethin’ soothin’. . .spicy bloodys do the trick.

Be sure to keep enjoying the great outdoors, breathe in crisp clean air wherever you are and know that this, too, shall pass.

Happy harvest time!

It’s lovely out there.

Gobble pandemicly–


The pandemic lockdown rages on, and we still get hungry at lunch time. Fortunately, some joints are opening up while following all social-distancing and mask-wearing guidelines. . .mmmm, aaaah!

During this particular boozy lunch we choose to devour plates of prosciutto with burrata on the side, meatballs covered with tasty red sauce, lobster spaghetti, grilled branzino, key lime pie with coconut ice cream and one soothing affogatooooooooo!

The whole meal is washed down with a martini, a negroni and a bottle of catarratto from Sicily. . .bellissimo!

Get out and about whenever you can during this kooky time. . .our time on this planet is oh-so-short…we gotta keep enjoying everything NOW!

I send you satisfying and uplifting vibes from a wonderful Italian joint located somewhere on the coast of North America. . .feel them. . .they will help you sleep real well tonight.

It’s lovely out there. . .believe it or not, it still is.

Windsurfing and rainbows–


The sun keeps comin’ up…the wind keeps blowin’…the water keeps churnin’…and time keeps on tickin’ tickin’ tickin’ into the future. . .mmmm, aaaaahh.

Nature rules all.

We puny humans often forget this.

14 billion years of stuff preceded us and another 14 billion years of stuff will succeed us. . .where all of this stops or goes nobody knows.

Enjoy all that you can…be nice to everyone you encounter…and keep looking toward the light and rainbows–they are some of the best things we got.

It’s lovely out there.


Lock it down and EAT IT–

KAZOOMY!  Things are slowly reopening…tables are widely spread…masks are worn when moving about…hands are washed often…faces are not touched…and the grub is as delicious as ever…mmmm, aaaaaahh!

We got grilled octopus, grilled spiny lobster with orzo, fried whole branzino, fried whole red snapper, sorbets of chocolate and cinnamon, and ice cream of pistachio. . .

. . .wash all of this goodness down with glasses of sangria, margaritas and bottles of whites from Greece and Italy, and we are good-to-go…very-good-to-go indeed!

It’s important to keep your energy up and your nutrition flowing as societal events continue to churn and froth.

The chaotic universe has been chaotic for some 14 billion years…it is chaotic now…it will continue to be chaotic some 14 billion more. . .so enjoy the ride as much as you can during your short and puny time here.

I send you peaceful and tasty vibes from some dining spots in coastal North America…feel them…they can help you stay fit and focused.

It’s lovely out there.

Magical lockdown sustenance–

YUH-MEE!  Hutong has reopened, and we could not be happier…this joint ROCKS!

The whole staff in any Hutong restaurant that you visit are totally switched-on, inviting and helpful…we love these folks.

The decor is uplifting, and the vibes are magical and satisfying.

And the food and drink are as good as any that can be had in other fine dining establishments…during this visit we are gobbling spicy squid, lobster dumplings with the signature Hutong crust, red lantern soft-shell crab, special fish with noodles and red peppers and soy bao for dessert. . .everything is washed down with cocktails called Szechuan Dragon and Master Qin and a nice bottle of Chenin Blanc–mmmm, aaaaahh–hao-hao!

Things are slowly coming back to life…keep wearing your masks, keep washing your hands, keep social distancing and keep eating and drinking well.

Enjoy whatever you can NOW…this thing is goin’ here, there and everywhere, and where it will stop nobody knows.

I send you soothing vibes from one of the many Hutong restaurants that can be found all over the planet…feel them…they will help you sleep well tonight and every night.

It’s lovely out there.

Full moon, baby–

MMM!  The moon is full, the sea is calm and the breezes are soothing. . .there is magic in the air tonight.

As time ticks on and on we continue to feel gratitude for simply existing…simply being.

Things feel a bit kooky at the moment, but as we continually study history we see that things have been much worse during many past decades and centuries…and humans have continued to thrive while moving upward and onward through it all.  And it will be same now and beyond as well.

Humans are resilient little buggers…humans continually survey the landscape and adapt to ever-changing events and surroundings.  We have no choice…we adapt or whither away.

So, keep knowing that all kooky things, too, shall pass…humans will weather all that is thrown at them, and while doing so we will continue to gaze at the sea and the moon and the clouds and the stars and go, “aaaaaahh.”

I send all of you forward-looking vibes. . .feel them. . .they will help you sleep well tonight and every night.

It’s lovely out there.