Still fabulous…Peche–

MMM!  This remains our number-one-go-to dining spot in all of New Orleans…it’s called Peche, and it ROCKS!

Donald Link and some other dudes created and run Peche…everything and everyone here have won James Beard Awards…the food is OUTSTANDING…the staff are smooth and spot-on…the vibe is warm and welcoming. . .you cannot go wrong here.

On this visit we devour giant gulf shrimp…spicy crab claws…super-tasty seafood gumbo…catfish in chili broth…spicy ground shrimp with noodles…and the ever-delightful whole grilled redfish. . .all of this is washed down with a lively Macon, and we are good-to-go. . .mmmm, aaaaahh!!

Please eat dinner or lunch at Peche the next time you are in New Orleans. . .you can thank me later.

I send you soothing and delectable vibes from Peche in NOLA. . .feel them. . .they are good for your well-being.

It’s lovely out there.


Gobblin’ local…NOLA–

BOOM!  Here we are doin’ brekky with the locals at a joint called Please U Restaurant located on St. Charles Avenue just a couple of blocks away from the Pontchartrain Hotel, and things are lookin’ ‘n’ tastin’ mighty fine–who dat!

The Please U is a rustic spot that has been servin’ grub for almost one hundred years…rustic Greek dudes own and run this place…the vibe is totally chill…the grub is plentiful and ok…and the overall experience is soothing and nourishing–we love breaking our daily fast out here on the edge of the Garden District…mmmm, aaaahh!

I think I can eat oyster po’boys and seafood gumbo for breakfast each and every day. . .we’ll have to move down here some time for a spell and see how that works out.

The next time you visit New Orleans please pop into the Please U Restaurant. . .the owners will welcome you with open arms, and the staff will fill yer belly real-good-like.

It’s lovely out there.

Still crazy-good–

MMM!  We are happy to report that Herbsaint is still one of the top dining spots in all of New Orleans. . .Donald Link is fully in charge of all the deliciousness, and we could not be happier.

Forget the turkey during Thanksgiving…give us the gumbo, the fried poached egg on pasta, the fish-of-the-day, and delectable duck confit on dirty rice. . .let’s wash it all down with a dry and minerally Macon, and we are good-to-go–who dat!!

In fact, Donald was here dining with his immediate family during our visit. . .great to see the guy thriving and rockin’ better than ever. . .Chef Link, you are our favorite Cajun by-far. . .thank you and SPEND…IT…ALL!

You gotta get down here and gobble this stuff. . .you really do.  I send you comforting vibes from Herbsaint. . .feel them. . .they will help you sleep the sleep of nymphs and fairies and Cajuns.

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It’s lovely out there.

1718 to 2018–


New Orleans is three hundred years old this year, and the good times are rolling as magically as ever.

Since 1718 this town has welcomed people of every race, color and creed–sometimes under unhappy and repressive circumstances–into its arms and allowed them the chance to thrive and become something.  All of the history of this place–good and bad–is openly recognized, acknowledged and used to educate all residents and visitors with the hope of moving toward being more cooperative and more tolerant humans.

Great food, drink and music are the fruits of the past and ongoing hustle and bustle of New Orleans…everyone bumps into everyone else here at one point or another–it’s not a big place–and the Creole mish-mash of cultures has given us flavors and fragrances and sounds that are experienced nowhere else on Earth. . .mmm, aaaahh–this makes for extremely fun and interesting times each and every day here.

Please come on down to New Orleans some time…come on down for another visit if you have been here before…come on down from wherever for whatever. . .New Orleans is always ready to welcome you–especially as she celebrates her 300th birthday and anticipates at least 300 more…

…happy birthday, New Orleans!!

I send you tasty and invigorating vibes from NOLA. . .feel them. . .they will lift you higher.

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It’s lovely out there.

Sustainable sushi–

POW!  He’s a white guy from California…he went to school in Florida…he moved to Texas where he ended up working with a sushi master–he learned sushi well from this guy…and now he is in the East Village of Manhattan here in New York City serving up delectable omakase sushi and cooked items that are more sustainable than traditional omakase sushi and cooked items. . .oh, and he has only been to Japan once for a brief vacation–WOW–let’s check this dude out and see what’s what.

Jeff Miller is his name…he calls his joint Mayanoki…we ask what Mayanoki means, he says, “nothing, my friends and I just made it up one night while drinking.”  Love it!

While in Texas he developed a love for Japanese cuisine and sushi in particular…but, like many of us, he became concerned about the depletion of the most popular and traditional sushi ingredients: blue fin tuna, yellow tail tuna, snapper, uni, etc., and he is now trying to serve only local ingredients from the northeast U.S. in an effort to expand the palate of sushi lovers and widen the number of potential ingredients that will be acceptable to folks who love raw fish.

Jeff serves us triggerfish…in fact, he serves a wide variety of triggerfish that are all caught off the coast of New Jersey, and this stuff is good.  There are lots of triggerfish in the sea so depletion of this resource is not a worry at the moment. . .he serves us uni from Santa Barbara–good that he is avoiding uni from Hokkaido which are quite over harvested, but the Santa Barbara uni is also over harvested…ah, what to do, what to do?  This stuff is so delectable and tasty…I guess we can move on to the newer purple uni that is showing up in some restaurants…hmmmm.

Anyway, this guy is trying to do a good thing for the fish population while at the same time satisfying our appetite for tasty raw fish morsels, and we say that he is doing a fabulous job.

Everything the Jeff serves us is prepared with care, precision, and flare…we gobble every last morsel he presents to us.  He works alone in his preparation…his girlfriend, Brianna, serves us sake and keeps all of our plates and serving platters fresh and clean as the meal progresses.  We are very happy here…many thanks to both Jeff and Brianna–you guys ROCK!

Make your way down to Mayanoki located on East 6th Street between Avenues B and C…but make sure you reserve online ahead of time.  There are only 8 seats at Jeff’s counter…he does two seatings per night…book your space, arrive on time, and ENJOY!

Hai, y’all!!

It’s lovely out there.

#1 sushi dude…NYC–

MMM!  This guy gets our vote for the current number one sushi master in all of New York City…his name is Ichimura…he plies his trade at a joint called Uchu…if you love sushi, then you should eat here some time before you or he passes.

Uchu is located on Eldridge Street near Stanton Street down in the lower lower east side of Manhattan.  Back in 1991 I did my first play in New York City in this section of town. . .it was mostly empty, run down, with only Katz’s Deli nearby serving up the best pastrami sandwiches in town–perhaps the world.

And now this neighborhood has high-rises, sleek apartments, tons of delectable restaurants, lots of great bars, a Whole Foods, Katz’s is still going strong, AND Ichimura is here serving up fabulous omakase meals of sushi and cooked dishes in Uchu…we are all so lucky to have him here–mmmm, aaaahh!

Ichimura is a sushi master, period.  There are only ten seats in this place where it is an honor to have him prepare everything right before our very eyes with skill, joy, and precision…and even more of an honor that we get to ingest everything that he presents to us with even more joy. . .hai!

There is no better sushi being served in New York at the moment. . .get on down here and gobble this stuff–you will love it all, I gar-ron-taaaaayy!

You gotta reserve online to eat here…go to to learn more.

I send you soothing and tasty vibes from Uchu. . .feel them. . .they will set everything right for you.

It’s lovely out there.

Brunch with a punch–

BAM!  Our new favorite brunch spot in New York City is Lure Fishbar located on the corner of Prince and Mercer Streets in the Soho section of Manhattan. . .mmm, aaaahh!

Oysters, crab claws, thick bacon, and traditional eggs benedict with crispy hash browns and bitter greens are all delectable here. . .plus, when we wash everything down with bloody marys and a bottle of rose everything becomes magical.

Lure is great for dinner–everyone knows this…but we think it is even greater for brunch. . .come on down here yourself some time and try it–I am willing to bet a large splodge of wonga that you will LOVE IT!

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It’s lovely out there.