Hmmm, what’s for din-din?

Dreaming about…
…and tamago.

Can’t stop dreaming about delectable tidbits for dinner like crab and tamago.

Crab…sweet, luscious and delightful.

Tamago…moist, light and eggy. . .mmm, aaaahh!

It is soothing to remember that there are many foods prepared in a wide variety of ways that can provide a tiny sense of order and calm amid the bits of chaos that pop up here and there.

Chaos is the way of the universe. . .we simply mask and rationalize it through our various day-to-day activities. . .but it is always there, chaos is. . .so bring on the wonderful food and eat it all, for it helps us enjoy the passage of time on this topsy-turvy ride.

Give us the crab…give us the tamago…give us the sunrise–give us all you got, Ms. Nature…and we will roll with it all as best we can. . .let’s go!

I send you daydreamy vibes focused on all the good that can be found right here, right now…feel them…they are good for your digestion.

It’s lovely out there.

Still #1–

Fish fits the plate…amazing!
Tuna-uni thing.
Tasmanian sea trout.
Delectable delight.
Black bass and razor clam chowder.
Sorbet for the win!
Hard to beat.

Enjoying the passage of time is easy while dining in one of the world’s great feed joints…mmm, aaaahh!

Eric Ripert and his entire team are back and as fabulous as ever. . .please, if you can, treat yourself to a gobble session here. . .you will smile real big-like and moan like a happy cat rolling on its back in the sun on a cool marble floor if you do.

During our most recent meal we ingested salmon, tuna, uni, sea trout, black bass, razor clams, sorbet and so much more. . .all prepared in the most magical and exquisite ways…all served with skill, joy and welcoming energy…and all washed down with tasty martinis and a bottle of white burgundy that made us mutter, “YES-INDEEDY-DEE!”

Our time here is short, and we might as well enjoy the ride in the biggest and tastiest way possible.

Eat well, appreciate all.

It’s lovely out there.

It’s all a matter of perspective–

Morning glow again.
All sinks eventually.
Well hello there.

We just gotta keep our focus and maintain a reasonable perspective on all that is happening around us.

The sun is burning away at the center of our solar system…some 93 million miles in the distance…keeping us warm, providing light and lending us some energy. . .mmmm, aaaahh…it feels good.

Things are being built, other things are crumbling and falling down, humans are bustling about here and there concerned about this and that. . .same as it ever was, same as it ever was.

All is impermanent. . .all. All will come tumbling down eventually. . .

. . .so we might as well just keep enjoying the ride as much as we can.

Look around…nature is gorgeous…humans are puny…the wind is forever.

Look inside…feeling is deep…imagination seems boundless…dust is our destiny.

It is fun being. . .and everything is ok…it’s all ok.

To see more stupendous images from all around our glorious little planet simply click on a category of your choice on the ‘About’ page of this blog. . .dive on in. . can go just about anywhere you like right here, right NOW.

It’s lovely out there.

Remember to keep gobblin’–

Get in my belly!
Steak au poivre…oo-la-la!
Roughage for papi.
Don’t forget dessert.

KABOOMY! Lunchtime is the right time for gobbletime. . .let’s get busy–jaaaaa!

We love our ersters with champagne…followed by crab salad, steak au poivre, French fries and burgers all served up with smiles and efficiency. . .mmm, aaaahh!

Wash it all down with a cold crisp Chablis, and all is good-to-go.

End the gobble session with profiteroles and cafecito, and we are ready to roll.

The Earth continues to rotate each day…revolve each year…hurtle around the galaxy each millennium…and sit quietly in a corner of the universe for who-knows-how-long-or-wherefore. . .so we might as well keep doing our best to enjoy the passage of time and lunch along the way.

Every little thing is gonna be alright. . .cheers!

I send you soothing vibes from somewhere on the coast of North America…feel them…they can help you stay fit and well.

It’s lovely out there…it really is.

Rose and air show…salud!

Niiiice! The Fly Boys are flyin’ by, and we are sippin’ away. . .quite exhilarating–jaaaa!

We got transport planes and fighter jets and escort jets and sonar/radar planes and helicopters and a great big stealth bomber. . .WOW!

It’s so silly, I know, but I really wish none of this stuff was necessary. Humans are ridiculous when they form groups of more than 2 individuals, so it is wise to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Might as well create and own the most powerful stuff if you’re gonna participate in this game, right? Right…blaaaaaah.

The rose goes well with this display of air capabilities…I highly recommend it.

I send you secure vibes from the eastern coast of North America…feel them…they are mildly distracting.

It’s lovely out there…believe it or not.

Le Zoo…Le WOW!

Oh boy!
Nice appetizer.
Get here NOW.
Soup’s on!

It’s lunchtime, and we have a hankerin’ for seafood plateaus and burgers and onion soups and golden-crispy-delicious fries…Le Zoo is the perfect place to satisfy our hankerin’–jaaaa!

This joint is fabulous for people watching…the show happens all day and well into the night each and every day…plus, the grub is outstanding…also, the beverages are delicious and free-flowing…in addition, the staff are helpful and welcoming…oh, and one more thing, the vibes are tranquillo, super-duper-tranquillo–mmm, aaaaahh!

As the pandemic baloney is winding down be sure to keep your nutrition levels high and your mental state fully soothed. . .we have one ride here, might as well make it as lovely and jubilant as possible.

I send you easygoing vibes from Le Zoo somewhere on the eastern coast of North America. . .feel them. . .they are good for your well-being.

It’s lovely out there.

Lunch at KYU…great choice!

Nice start.
Crab, soft-shell–jaaaa!
Bone marrow…good for your complexion.
Crispy delectable duck.
Full and satisfied.

Lunchtime is the righttime to pop into KYU for delightful grub, tasty beverages and soothing vibrations…mmhhmmm!

This is our first time here…immediately we are struck by the warm and welcoming vibrations.

We are seated at a lovely 4-top…this gives us lots of space to spread out and put our feed on–jaaaa!

We get busy with cocktails and crispy-spicy-tangy fried kale chips–delectable!

Then we dive into baos with soft-shell crab…the superb fried chicken with a wonderful savory dipping sauce…bone marrow covered with delightful chopped aromatics…crispy and tasty duck burnt ends…crab fried rice…and the fascinating sweet potato baked with a savory sauce on top–WOW!

All of the above dishes are extremely delicious, cooked to perfection and served with love and affection…at least it feels like love and affection as each staff member announces our next dish with a big smile. . .mmmm, aaaahh!

We wash everything down with a fun bottle of Chablis, and we are totally good-to-go.

So, this KYU joint ROCKS…we hope to lunch here again and again over the coming weeks, months and years.

Get yourself over here some time. . .you will love it, too–I gar-ron-taaaaayy!!

Time is flying…get vaccinated, get out-and-about, enjoy all you can while you can…cheers!

It’s lovely out there.

Dessert and sunshine–


What else do we need but a little dessert and sunshine?

Dessert is good and good for you…loaded with lots of sugar and fruit and love. . .mmmm, aaaahh!

And then we have the sun…the source of all life. We gotta revere that light and keep celebrating it until we can celebrate no more.

The sun comes up on the eastern horizon and drops away on the western horizon. . .this is the same for all folks, no matter where they are.

The sun puts on a show. . .the best show in town. Colors, sparkles, rays and warmth.

This warmth, this light, allows us to do stuff…get up in the morning, stretch, breathe, smile…do some exercise…grow food…build things…etc. and so on.

So, always enjoy your dessert wherever you are…and know that that dessert is not possible without a little light and warmth provided by our good ole buddy, the sun.

I send you warm and sweet vibes from somewhere on the edge of the horizon…feel them…they are good for your circulation.

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It’s lovely out there.

Stay curious and colorful–

Let’s go in.
Color blocker.
Stay colorful.

MMHHMMM! We gotta keep lookin’ at stuff in an attempt to keep our synapses poppin’…let’s see what we have here.

We have old artists and emerging artists. . .the Rubells are longtime collectors and have a forward-looking approach to their selections. So though a lot of this place feels like a stroll down memory lane, there is still enough new-ish stuff that keeps us thinking, “the now is cool, and the future could also be cool, if we allow it to be.” Very nice.

The Rubell Museum is spacious…plenty of room for all of the work to breathe and stretch out…plenty of room for us to breathe and stretch out as well…very breathable and stretchy–niiiiiiice.

The pandemic continues, we are fully vaccinated, we embrace masking up, everyone maintains generous social distance…plus, there is a tasty restaurant on the premises–mmmm, aaaaahh! Hence, there is very little reason to not take in some art and lunch. . .

. . .wherever you are take all precautions to protect your health, and then get out and do something stimulating and scintillating and vaccinating. (Is ‘vaccinating’ an adjective?…it is NOW)

I send you colorful vibes from a museum somewhere on the coast of North America…feel them…they can help you remember why being a human is a good thing.

It’s still lovely out there.

Ridiculously good…Nakaji…NYC–

Ready for gobbling.
Typical magical goodness served up by Nakajima-san.
The master: Nakajima-san.
Toro, baby, toro.
Uni, from Russia and Hokkaido with love.

Yes, the pandemic is being managed, vaccines are being injected and we continue to be hungry. . .sushi always makes us happy. . .and we are never happier than when we gobble with Nakajima-san at his joint called simply, Nakaji. Let’s check it out.

Nakajima-san is a sushi master…he wants us to feel like we are in his house, and his house is very nice–soothing, simple and clean…we could stay here for a long time, if he would let us.

It’s cold outside so he starts us off with a delectable little abalone soup with a hot broth that makes us go, “aaaahhh!”

After this we gobble skipjack, spider squid (whole baby squids served in a savory sauce–delightful), bass and baby peach…then an array of sushis that include more bass, snapper, mackerel, toro, salmon roe, uni from near Russia, uni from Hokkaido, more uni, eel, etc. and so on. . .until we end with a tasty little Japanese strawberry with powdery miso. . .ALL TOTALLY RIDICULOUSLY GOOD! WOW!!

All of this goodness is washed down with a sparkling wine from Alsace–not bad…and a big bottle of sake called ‘Dan’. . .mmmm, aaaaahh!

So, please keep your chins up out there. . .all is moving upward and onward. . .and wherever you are do your best to enjoy the best stuff you can find around you. Time is short, and we gotta enjoy everything we can NOW.

To see more magical images from our teeny tiny planet simply click on a location of your choice in the category menu on the ‘About’ page of this blog. . .dive on in. . .you can go just about anywhere that you like right here, right now.

It’s lovely out there.