Room service…c’est super!

We love good room service, and this version is right up at the top…it’s the daily breakfast tray served at the Relais Saint Germain here in Paris. . .let’s have a look at this thing.

There is a pot of deep rich glorious black coffee…there are fresh croissants…there are fresh baguettes…there is ham and cheese…there are two perfectly runny soft-boiled eggs in little egg holders so we can dig all of the goodness out with ease…there is yogurt…there are delectable orange slices with the nasty bits removed–no peeling necessary here…and there are glasses of fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice. . .mmmm, aaaahh!  We gobble all of this stuff with no problem at all.

There are lots of great hotels in Paris, and the Relais Saint Germain has got to be right up there with the best of the small boutiquey places: fabulous staff, magical locations, cozy rooms, and room service of our dreams.  Check this place out some time. . .you will love it–I gar-ron-taaaaayy!

I send you appetizing vibes from Paris…feel them…they will make your mouth water all day long.

It’s lovely out there.


Brasserie Lipp…Paris–

Ernest Hemingway mentions this place a lot in ‘A Moveable Feast’…his wonderful account of becoming a writer and searching for meals along the way during his early days in Paris…it’s Brasserie Lipp–let’s check it out and see what’s goin’ on here.

Lipp is in the heart of the Saint Germain section of Paris on the left bank–Rive Gauche, as they call it.  It is quite serious here…the waiters are on the prowl for rustic gringos attempting to lounge about searching for photo ops and avoiding ordering anything off the menu.

It is best to have a reservation for lunch, as we do.  We are greeted by a host who acknowledges that we seem to know what we are doing and that we are here to put a major feed on. . .my wife knows the ropes having eaten here many times over the years–the host recognizes her seasoned approach, and we are rewarded with a cozy corner table deep in one of the dining areas.

Our main waiter and his assistants now handle us expertly: we order champagne, it arrives toot-sweet…we order our lunch: salad frisee, fish soup, roast chicken, steak au poivre with lots of frites, and a bottle of Macon to wash everything down real nice like.

The food is outstanding…extremely tasty…cooked to perfection…everything arrives on the hottest plates–I LOVE HOT PLATES!  We gobble away joyously…the waiters enjoy our relish.  For dessert I go with the profiteroles. . .these are the softest and most delicate profiteroles I have ever had, and the chocolate sauce poured on top could not be better. . .mmm, aaaahh!

EVERYONE has eaten here: Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Wolf, Dos Possos, us, and so many more.  It is easy to see why Lipp has been in business for so long and why it will be in business for so much longer. . .this place serves great grub with expert flare and a coziness and charm that can only be found in Paris.  Please consider eating here some time before you die. . .you will love it–I absolutely gar-ron-taaaayy!!

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It’s lovely out there.

YSL Museum…Paris–

BOOM!  This is where Yves Saint Laurent lived and worked in Paris, and now that he and his partner of many years, Pierre Berge, have both passed on to the other side, the building has been opened as a museum that the public can visit. . .let’s check it out.

There are clothes and artwork and drawings and sketches and other things on display here, but the real attraction is to visit YSL’s actual work space. . .the furniture, objects, books, etc. are original and pretty much left the way YSL had them while he worked here. . .this is a magical place to visit, especially for folks who work in the worlds of design, fashion, drawing, etc.  One can feel the vibes of YSL here. . .come here and feel them for yourself. . .you will love them if you have any interest in the creative arts, and even if you don’t, you might love this place anyway. . .give it a shot. . .what have you got to lose?  Nothing, really.

I send you vital vibes from the Yves Saint Laurent Museum in Paris, France. . .feel them. . .they will help you feel just a bit more alive than you do right now.

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It’s lovely out there.

Lively gobbletime…Paris–

YES!  If you cannot get into Le Comptoir for dinner then just pop on over to L’avant Comptoir right next door. . .no reservations necessary, and if you get lucky you will secure a standing spot at the bar in the back of the joint where no one will jostle you and you will have full access to the bar staff for ordering lots of good things to eat and drink. . .DO IT!

L’avant Comptoir serves lots of tasty small plates and the wine flows freely. . .just order as many things as you can–everything is good–and you will be totally happy.

During our visit we gobble meat terrines, pate, shrimps, cheeses, mushrooms, veggies, more meats, etc. and so on. . .and all of this is washed down with multiple glasses of extremely delicious vin blanc and vin rouge. . .mmmm, aaaahh!!

The vibe is lively, the staff are switched-on and exuberant, and the grub is totally satisfying.  This is a wonderful place to spend an evening in Paris as you are soaking up the atmosphere in and around Saint Germain. . .don’t be afraid, dive on in, use some of your basic French, and allow the magic to happen in and all around you.

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It’s lovely out there.

Great lunch…Paris–

MMM!  Andy Ricker posted this place on his Instagram feed, and it looks good…it’s Chez L’ami Jean on Rue Malar in the 7th arrondissement…let’s check it out and see what’s what–jaaaa!!

Chez L’ami Jean is a cozy bistro run by a dude called Stephane Jego…he is in the kitchen making magic happen with a couple of assistants and a couple of servers.  The food is outstanding: we gobble some charcuterie, razor clams–TASTY AND WONDERFUL, sweet breads, a delectable hunk of lamb, DELICIOUS veggies, and super-buttery-and-creamy mashed potatoes. . .all of this food is full of flavor and cooked to perfection.  We wash everything down with a crisp vin blanc, and we are as happy as can be.

Find this place the next time you find yourself hanging out in Paris. . .have lunch here. . .you will love it–I gar-ron-taaaayy!!

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It’s lovely out there.

Le Comptoir…super!!

Le Comptoir is a hot dining spot in Paris at the moment and has been for a number of years now.  The owner/chef is a rambunctious and lively dude called Yves Camdeborde…he cooks what he wants to…everyone LOVED his roasted chicken for years…he got tired of making it so he removed it from the menu–BOOM!  People miss the chicken, but he is happy cuz he does whatever he wants to…we should all live like this–jaaaa!!

It is difficult to get into this place for dinner, but since we are staying at the Relais Saint Germain–the hotel connected to the restaurant–we are allowed to dine here whenever we like. . .C’EST BON, baby!

We are lucky, the night is beautiful and the front doors to this small space are wide open…we are seated in an open window–YES…and the games begin.  Small canapes and snacks are delivered to our table–delicious…can’t remember what they are, but they are delicious.  We then gobble white asparagus is a cream sauce…lobster in a foamy magical sauce…duck in another sauce–maybe the tastiest piece of duck I have ever tasted. . .a cheeseboard full of magic and delectableness and wonder–totally delicious. . .and a dessert of red berries, cheese, and cream–WONDERFUL!  And as per usual, everything is washed down with a delightful dry minerally white wine…all is good in this moment.

Le Comptoir is a great restaurant. . .Yves Camdeborde is one of the folks in town who resists pretension and formalness…and rather embraces really good cooking served with ease and casualness in a simple and relaxing setting.  Please eat here if you ever have the opportunity. . .you will leave with a smile on your face that will last for days and weeks and possibly years to come.  We love this guy and his cooking. . .and you will, too.

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It’s lovely out there.

Tastiest crepes? Possibly–

MMM!  I have not eaten many crepes in my lifetime…I am told that Breizh Cafe in Paris is the number one spot for gobbling crepe goodness…let’s check it out and see what’s what.

We start with a savory crepe after we slurp down a dozen oysters…yes, this place serves up delicious oysters–always gotta have these whenever we see them around…YUMMY!

Anyway, our savory crepe is made with buckwheat flour and is filled with herbs, greens, ham, cheese, and a wonderful egg yolk right in the middle to finish it off.  The buckwheat crepe is thin, crispy, cooked wonderfully, and extremely tasty. . .then when mixed in with the egg yolk and all the meat, cheese, and greenery this baby soars into the stratosphere of crepe deliciousness and satisfactoriness.  We are extremely happy with this thing and have no problem gobbling it all in no time at all. . .this is all partnered with a bottle of Macon to help us wash everything down.

After this we must do a sweet crepe. . .this one is made with a white or yellow flour–not buckwheat–and it is topped with ice-cream and chocolate sauce.  Again, cooked perfectly–thin, crispy, and flavorful–and served warm with the ice-cream and sauce oozing everywhere. . .mmm, aaaahh–this baby makes us real happy…jaaaa!!

I recommend seeking out a Breizh Cafe the next time you are in Paris–there a few of these around. . .they make tasty crepes, the service is wonderful, the atmosphere is pristine and modern, and the soothing feeling that you take away after eating here is timeless.

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It’s lovely out there.