Meat & Cheese…Aspen, CO–

SOCK!  Here we are puttin’ on a bit of a feed at a place called ‘Meat & Cheese’ in Aspen, Colorado, and we are having mixed results…oooo, errrr!

We are told that this place is “great” and “really tasty,” so we pop on in.  The charcuterie platter is, indeed, great and really tasty…we totally inhale all of the housemade sausages, salumis, hams, and cheeses…definitely top-notch.  But then we venture into the porchetta platter and the roast chicken and such, and this stuff is NOT good. . .the meat we receive is dry and room temperature and almost flavorless.  We think that this might have something to do with being at altitude…the town of Aspen is about 7,500 feet above sea level, and this must make it hard to broil or roast meats that maintain moisture, juiciness, and flavor. . .or I could be wrong here, and maybe we were just randomly served some bad platters of food.  Whatever the case, be careful when ordering at ‘Meat & Cheese’ in Aspen…you might want to inquire regarding cooking practices, expectations, etc….I know I will do this if we ever eat here again.

On the plus side, we did enjoy a fine bottle of white wine from their fun little list, and this made us real happy–jaaa!

I send you uneven vibes from Meat & Cheese in Aspen, Colorado. . .feel them. . .they will have you looking for the closest pizza place wherever you are.

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It’s lovely out there.


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