A hole to remember–

BOOM!  It’s the Grand Canyon–jaaaa!!  Yes, this is quite a hole to remember, indeed.

Whenever you are in Arizona you gotta do your best to pop on up here and gaze at this magnificent beauty.  It’s totally easy to do. . .you fly into Phoenix, rent a car, drive north about 3 hours or so to Flagstaff or Williams–both of these towns are entry-points to the Grand Canyon National Park–pay your entrance fee at the south rim entrance, drive along the lovely road that runs right along the edge of the Canyon…stop wherever and whenever you like to snap pix…then head on out of the east rim entrance/exit, and you are good-to-go.  From this exit you can head back down to Phoenix or keep going north up Highway 163 to Monument Valley–this is the magic route if you have the time and the desire to keep ROAD-TRIPPIN’!…I say do Highway 163, but everyone’s gotta ride their own ride…choose wisely.

This Canyon has been gouged deep into the Earth by the Colorado River over the course of millions of years…it was here long before us, and it will be here long after we are transformed back to stardust…so don’t sweat the small stuff or any stuff cuz it’s all gonna join us back in stardustville somewhere down the line anyway–mmmhhmmm!!

I send you humbling vibes full of gratitude from the south rim of the Grand Canyon here in Arizona. . .feel them. . .they can help you breathe easy today and every day.

To see more stupendous images from around our teeny tiny planet simply click on a location of your choice in the category menu on the ‘About’ page of this blog. . .dive on in. . .you know you want to.

It’s lovely out there.


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