Great grub…Milwaukee–

JAAA!  Here we are puttin’ on a major feed at a place called Crazy Water located on 2nd Street in the great city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The dude you see me posing with above cooks EVERYTHING here at a kitchen station right behind the bar…he has a grill, a stove, an oven, and lots of delectable ingredients all around him as he prepares all of the dishes served here to perfection.

We choose to gobble the pork belly with runny egg yolk and lamb ravioli as appetizers, and they are both absolutely tasty–perfectly cooked and full of flavor. . .next we do another round of appetizers–this time the fried oysters and the New Orleans BBQ shrimp…the oysters are huge and perfectly cooked, but the flavor is too lemony for me with no other elements that I can detect…and the shrimp is overcooked with no discernible flavor that I would call ‘New Orleans BBQ’–kinda bland, actually.

The superstar of the meal is the grilled branzino we have next–WOW!…great piece of fish–no one really knows what branzino is anymore…some bass-like fish from the Mediterranean…nevertheless, this fish is grilled perfectly and served hot-hot-hot. . .we gobble this with a lovely salad of beets and greens, and we are totally good-to-go–I could eat this meal every week and be a happy boy–mmmm, aaaaahh!!

The whole meal is washed down with a 40-dollar bottle of white Burgundy that makes us very happy.  Plus, the staff and the atmosphere here are chill, easygoing, and welcoming. . .we are very happy, indeed.

So, I highly recommend that you seek out Crazy Water during your next visit to Milwaukee. . .you will love it here–I gar-ron-taaayy!

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It’s lovely out there.


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