HD Museum…Milwaukee–

JAAA!  This whole Harley-Davidson thing is starting to seep into the fiber of our being. . .after signing up for the new-rider course I immediately feel drawn toward the HD Museum here in Milwaukee to edumicate myself a bit about the HD story…and, unsurprisingly, a rocky rollercoaster history it is.

William Harley and Arthur Davidson met somewhere near these parts back in 1900 or so. . .they started working on motors and engines together…then in 1903 they mounted a motor on a bike frame to create one of the first motorized bicycles, i.e., motorcycles, and from there they soared to the heights and depths of business.  The entire story is well told and on display in this spacious museum right here in the heart of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the home to the Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Company.  Definitely seek this place out, plunk down some cash, and wander through these buildings for an hour or so. . .you will love it–I gar-ron-taaaayy!

I send you edifying vibes from the home of Harley and Davidson. . .feel them. . .they sound like “potato-potato-potato-potato…”.

To see more spectacular images from all around our teeny tiny planet simply click on a location of your choice in the category menu on the ‘About’ page of this blog. . .dive on in. . .you might find somethin’ that makes you go, “aaaaaahhh!”

It’s lovely out there.



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