Only decent grub…Madtown–

BAM!  Here we are puttin’ a little feed on at a place called Forequarter located on E. Johnson Street in Madison, Wisconsin–da home of da Badgers–jaaaa!!

Forequarter is a cozy gastro-pub-ish situation with lots of nice staff, easygoing vibes, and a fun selection of beverages. . .but the food gets only an “ok” from us.  The name ‘forequarter’ hints that maybe these folks know something about meat, but there seems to be some gaps in their game. . .they have interesting cuts on the menu–we decided to try the pork chop and the lamb…both dishes were served to us cold–BLAH!. . .my wife sent back the pork chop because it was undercooked. . .they brought it back, and it was cooked a little more.  My lamb was served in small chunks or small chops–I couldn’t tell really–and though they were a nice medium-rare they were cold, as if they had been sitting waiting to be brought out to us.  Nevertheless, we ate everything cuz that is just what we do. . .but both of these dishes underwhelmed us substantially.

On the other hand, our appetizers were quite nice…an asparagus thing with crispy chicken skin on top and an order of a ramp thing–also cooked nicely and somewhat delectable…good veggie dishes here.

So, overall our thought is that this place does a better job with veggies than with meats. . .maybe they should change the name to “Four Bushels” instead of Forequarter to more accurately highlight what really rocks here. . .or maybe they just had an ‘off’ night…who knows?  No matter because we have already decided that we will head back to the Heritage Tavern for a quality gastro-pub experience and let these guys work on improving their approach to cooking and serving meat dishes. . .upward and onward–jaaaa!!

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It’s lovely out there.


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