Szechuan cuisine in Hong Kong–

YUM!  We love Szechuan cuisine, and we are happy to be dining in one of the best purveyors of this stuff right here in Hong Kong.  The restaurant is called San Xi Lou…it is located in the Mid-Levels section of Central, and it ROCKS–jaaaa!!

We can smell and feel the Szechuan peppercorns as we enter, and this makes go, ‘mmm, aaaahh,’ as we immediately sense that the food is going to be tasty and impactful here.  So we get busy ordering and gobbling. . .some of the things we devour include spicy sliced pig ears and spicy sliced cucumbers as appetizers…a seafood stew that is delicious, fragrant, varied, and swimming in a broth that we wish we could package and distribute to everyone back home–totally top-notch…chongqing chicken–right in our wheelhouse…mapo tofu–powerful and sweat-inducing–YES…and a Szechuan fish stew that is blowing us away–totally delectable and quite possibly the star of the meal–GOBBLE!

All of this is washed down with multiple bottles of icy-cold Tsingtao–really the only drink that holds up to this food. . .our sympathies go out to the folks around us drinking French red wine–hmmmm, live and learn.

The staff here is wonderful, the atmosphere is welcoming, and the food is outstanding. . .so, the next time you find yourself hankerin’ for some good Szechuan food while hangin’ in Hong Kong please consider popping into San Xi Lou. . .this place will scratch your Szechuan itch like few other places outside of Szechuan province itself can…hao-hao!

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It’s lovely out there.



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