New favorite dining spot…Hong Kong–

MMM!  This is my new favorite dining spot here in Hong Kong: Hing Kee Restaurant on Nathan Road in Kowloon–jaaa!!

Hing Kee is run by the woman you see waving next to me above…a totally happenin’ lady who is  clearly in charge of all she surveys in this cozy room.  Hing Kee is small…you will probably have to wait a bit when you arrive, but the food is totally worth any amount of time you have to cool your heels.  Just settle on in and enjoy the ride–mmm, aaaahh!

During our visit we gobble spicy chili oil clams–totally delectable…garlicky razor clams–magically delicious…special abalone–absolutely lovely…spicy fried fish–GOBBLE…sauteed kale stalks or stalks of something fresh and green–really good…and a typhoon crab that has a spicy yet sweet punch that makes us go OH MOMMA!  All of this fabulous food is washed down with bottles of Tsingtao and sake…perfect.

Hing Kee is apparently popular with lots of prominent Chinese actors from Canton and other provinces…the most famous ones are allowed to sign the walls giving the dining room a cozy Sardi’s or The Palm kind of feel.  I asked if I could sign the wall…the owner unambiguously said, “NO.”  Drat, foiled again. . .but we shall return again and again because the food here ROCKS.

Please consider eating at Hing Kee if you ever find yerself lookin’ for good grub in the Kowloon section of Hong Kong…you will love it–I gar-ron-taaaayy!

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It’s lovely and tasty out there.


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