Cozy gobbling above The Fragrant Harbor–

POW!  We are hungry…my wife’s work colleague invites us out to dinner here in the Kowloon section of Hong Kong…he chooses a place called ‘Hutong’ in a tower high above the city streets…we are very happy with this choice–hao-hao!

Hutong specializes in northern Chinese food–Beijing-style, some might say–and everything that we gobble here is delicious.  Northern Chinese food is mildly seasoned with aromatics and herbs and spices that tantalize our noses and our taste buds before, during, and after each bite. . .I tend to prefer Szechuan or Hunanese-style Chinese cuisine–food with more of a kick–but the subtle and multi-layered flavors of Beijing-style grub are absolutely worthy of our attention.

With the overcast nighttime skyline as our backdrop, we ingest slightly spicy razor clams, special spiny lobster, braised short ribs, delectable codfish, a soft-shell crab chili stir-fry of sorts, slightly spicy shrimp fried rice, special garlicky kale stalks, and a dessert of green tea, oolong tea, and tofu ice creams–EVERYTHING is tasty and delectable…we are extremely happy. . .and all of this is washed down with a couple bottles of Sancerre–PERFECT!

The atmosphere of this restaurant is in the style of the old hutongs of Beijing–a hutong is an alleyway of old houses and shacks that millions of people used to live in throughout Beijing and beyond, but these are now considered old-fashioned and most of the original hutongs of Beijing have been plowed over to make way for new highways, apartment buildings, and office towers all over the capital of China.  Hutong the restaurant is an homage to these alleyways and the food of the north of China. . .totally worthy of a visit if you ever find yourself wandering around here in Kowloon lookin’ for somethin’ good to jam into yer belly–jaaa!

I send you lip-smackingly satisfying vibes from Hutong…feel them…they are good for your skin and circulation.

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It’s lovely out there.


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