Midwest toolin’–

img_0416 img_0424 img_0427 img_0414So, it’s sixty degrees in February on the Great River Road here in Wiskonsen–perfect weather for toolin’ around on our way up to Minneapolis for a little look-about. . .we love global warming–JAAA!!

The Great River Road runs along the mighty Mississippi River that acts as the border between Wisconsin and Minnesota.  The Mississippi starts somewhere up around Minneapolis, and that is where we are headin’ today.

Along the way we pass through a town called Pepin on the Wisconsin side of the river.  Pepin is the birthplace of Laura Ingalls Wilder, the author of “Little House in the Big Woods.”  This was her first book…she wrote it when she was sixty-five years old, and it became such a big hit with children and adults all over America that she was encouraged to write more. . .and “Little House on the Prairie” was one of the books that followed, among many others.

Many of you know the rest of the story: Ingalls died in 1959 or so. . .the books remained extremely popular, as they are today, and eventually there was a TV series called ‘Little House on the Prairie’ that became a huge hit here in the U.S. way back in the 1970s.

The land around Pepin, Wisconsin is often referred to as the ‘Big Woods,’ and Ingalls first book is about her memories as a child growing up here.  The family eventually moved to Missouri, and this is the ‘Prairie’ area that she writes about in the later book. . .a Wiskonsen girl made good–jaaaa!!  A wonderful tale of success here in the great midwest of the U.S. of A….lots of fun to discover her hometown and spend a moment feeling the good vibes while toolin’ in the midwest.

We send you some of these good vibes from Pepin, Wisconsin. . .feel them. . .they will make you remember your childhood and go “aaaahhh!”

To see more magical images from around planet Earth simply click on a location of your choice in the category menu on the ‘About’ page of this blog. . .dive on in. . .you can go just about anywhere that you like right here, right NOW.

It’s lovely out there.


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