img_1754 fullsizerender img_1760 img_1761MMM!  The entranceway to The French Laundry is long and stony and green and transforming. . .we leave the mundane everyday world and enter a magic land. . .very nice work, Mr. Keller.  (Thomas Keller is the mad genius behind the creation and operation of this place.)

All of our napkins are clipped with a clothespin. . .this building used to house a laundry run by some French folks way back when–hence the name: The French Laundry.  What a mad mad genius:-).

We know this meal is going to be great right from the very first bite we are given: a little cheese ball that seems to glow–magical to put in our mouths, chew, and swallow. . .this thing is so full of flavor that I smile inside real big and kooky-like. . .then we eat the cheesy thing in the small cone–also totally flavorful. . .then we gobble an oyster in a delectable sauce with a dollop of caviar–powerful essence of the sea and, again, big flavor in a small bite. . .mmm, aaaahh!!

We love this start to our lunch at The French Laundry. . .more to come.

If everyone could eat here one time, then there would be no turmoil anywhere on the planet. . .if only.

It’s lovely out there.



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