#1 food item…Sausalito, CA–

img_1711 img_1719 img_1710 img_1712KAPOWY!  This place gets our vote for the tastiest food item in all of Sausalito, California. . .the restaurant is called “Fish.”. . .and the tasty food item is the Crab Roll–damn, this thing is good…mmmm, aaaahh!

Everyone in the northeast of the U.S. loves lobster rolls. . .simply cooked lobster meat with butter and maybe a dab of mayo on a soft hot dog bun–these can be totally wonderful if created without too much fuss.  And if it is served warm, then it gets extra credit from me…jaaa!

The crab roll at Fish. does all of these things in spades, AND it included tons of delectable crab meat, which we all love, making this a quite delectable west coast take on a much-loved and revered food item.  Let’s break it down: the crab meat is cooked simply and it is buttery, there is a lot of crab meat to devour, the crab meat is warm, the bun is soft and warm. . .and when we grab it and take a big bite, we get a soothing and satisfying feeling of seafood goodness. . .we cannot stop eating this thing. . .there is hardly time for breathing and then it is all gone–POOF–just like that.  We love the crab roll at Fish., and we know that you will, too. . .so please pop into this place if you ever find yerself wanderin’ around in Sausalito lookin’ for somethin’ good to gobble. . .you can thank me later.  Oh, and please note that Fish. is ‘cash only’…bring the green when you eat here, and you will be good-to-go.

On a side note: the crab roll at Fish. was selected as “The Best Thing I Ever Ate” by Tyler Florence on the Food Network show of the same name. . .I don’t know if I would call this ‘the best thing I ever ate’, but boy, it is damn good.  Get on in here some time before you kick the bucket and sample one. . .Tyler and I want to know what you think.

I send you top-notch crab vibes from Fish. in Sausalito. . .feel them. . .they will sooth whatever ails ya today and every day.

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It’s lovely out there.


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