Dungeness Crab season…Sausalito-style–

img_1684 img_1670 img_1671 img_1674KAPOWY!  We are so lucky…we are in Sausalito, California, and it just happens to be dungeness crab season. . .oh baby baby–shoot me while I’m happy!!

We sample the dungeness crabs around town, and our pick for the number one crab in terms of preparation and overall flavor is the Seafood Peddler located on Bridgeway Street overlooking the docks and marina here. . .mmmm, aaahh!  The staff are warm and welcoming, the service is friendly and efficient, the bloody marys are delicious and spicy, AND the crab is juicy, tasty, thick, and packed with lots of meat waiting for us to pick it all out and get it in our bellies. . .jaaaa!!

The Seafood Peddler doesn’t have the best views from the restaurant…so our recommendation is to eat all of the goodness that you can here, then head on over to Salita’s for more drinks, tvs with “the game” on, and fabulous views right on the docks of the marina.  If you come up with a better plan, then let me know. . .until we hear from you, we are stickin’ with the plan above.

I send you mouth-watering vibes from the Seafood Peddler here in Sausalito, California. . .feel them. . .they will fuel you throughout your day today and every day.

To see more magical images from around planet Earth simply click on a location of your choice in the category menu on the ‘About’ page of this blog. . .do it. . .you know you want to.

It’s lovely out there.


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