Big flavors in Soho…NYC–

img_1624 img_1622 img_1621 img_1617JAAA!  The dude who used to run a wonderful restaurant called ‘Tabla’ until it closed about 8 or 9 years ago is back with a new place called “Pao Walla,” and this place ROCKS!

Floyd Cardoz is the guy’s name and big Indian-inspired flavors are his game. . .mmm, aaahh!  Pao Walla is located in the Soho section of Manhattan here in New York City on the corner of Spring and Sullivan Streets, and if you love food with lots of deliciousness and a KICK, then you must eat here.  The menu is full of tasty appetizers, chutneys that pair with the wide variety of housemade breads that are a specialty, and a good number of sizeable main courses that will satisfy you right down to your very existential core.

During my visit, I sample a medley of autumn veggies with a serious curry kick, a plate of grilled black pepper shrimp, a shrimp curry pie thing that is totally delectable, the house bone marrow, the egg kehriwal–TOTALLY MAGICAL, and a serving of kufti (Indian ice cream) for dessert.  All of this goodness is washed down with a couple of glasses of dry reisling–delicious and the perfect complement to all of the lively and tangy food.

EVERYTHING IS DELICIOUS HERE. . .so, the next time you are wandering around down in Soho lookin’ for something exciting and lively to eat please pop into Pao Walla, and let the wonderful staff here take you on a food journey that will have you giggling with delight all the way home.

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It’s lovely out there.


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