Street scenes…Haarlem, The Netherlands–

img_1243 img_1248 img_1263 img_1260BAM!  Strolling through ‘istoric towns like Haarlem in the Netherlands is a joyous experience.  The imagination runs wild with images of past figures doing their various things here, there, and everywhere. . .Frans Hals worked on a cathedral painting from the corner of that square…Spinoza may have flittered about over in that building or on this street…Rembrandt may have eaten a meal in that old basement over there…etc. and so on. . .the vibes of these large figures are palpable and somewhat knowable. . .here for the taking for us in the present to do with what we will. . .mmm, aaaahh!

Plus, this place is the namesake for the famous neighborhood in New York City called ‘Harlem’…one ‘a’ has been left out for “amazing!”  Harlem…Haarlem. . .both places are magical and most worthy of visits. . .visiting both places reminds us that we are really all the same–different, but the same–seeking moments of joy and ecstasy amidst the noise, confusion, and mystery of everything around us.  So, get out and about, if you can. . .there is soooo much to see and sooooo little time.

I send you namesake vibes from Haarlem here in the Netherlands. . .feel them. . .they are good for improving your global perspective on things.

It’s lovely out there.


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