#1 breakfast in Wisconsin–

img_1160 img_1161 img_1163 img_1162POW!  This place gets our vote for the number one breakfast spot in all of Wisconsin: it’s called Cow & Quince, and it is located right here in the middle of New Glarus, “America’s Little Switzerland.”

Cow & Quince is owned and run by two women called Lori Stern and LeAnn Powers who also own and run a farm just up the road called Lucky Dog where they raise and grow many of the products and ingredients used in their restaurant. . .a classic farm-to-table operation–jaaaa!

And it is these ingredients that shine and make Cow & Quince such a fabulous feed place.  For breakfast we try an appetizer of their pork belly and squash, and this dish is absolutely delectable!  The pork belly melts apart as you cut it with your fork, and it is extremely flavorful. . .plus, the squash thing–grilled, I believe–is lovely with the belly…fun, fun, fun flavor combo. . .BAM!

Next, my wife does the eggs benedict with a hollandaise sauce that is lively, fresh, and magical. . .I do their biscuits and sausage gravy with three sunnyside eggs and three strips of bacon on top–they serve this to me in a big bowl, which makes me real happy because the bowl allows me to get a good mish-mash goin’. . .and the mish-mash is topped off with the housemade hot sauce–a mixture of jalapenos, vinegar, salt, pepper, and probably another ingredient or two–and it is GOOD!  I douse my mish-mash liberally with the jalapeno hot sauce, and I am good-to-go. . .the eggs are fresh and runny, the bacon is thick and crispy, the biscuits are tiny, fresh, and airy…and the sausage gravy is sausagey and thick and well-seasoned. . .damn, I love this breakfast–everything tastes fresh and pure and honest….mmmm, aaaaahh!!

We wash all of this great grub down with endless cups of hearty black coffee. . .really strong and really tasty.

Please visit the Cow & Quince if you ever find yourself lookin’ for a great breakfast in Wisconsin. . .you might have to drive a bit to get here, but it will be well worth the effort. . .you will love this place–I gar-ron-taaaayy!

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It’s lovely out there.


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