#1 dining spot…La Crosse, WI–

IMG_4278 IMG_4282 IMG_4285 IMG_4289POW!  Here is the number one dining spot in all of La Crosse, Wisconsin: Digger’s Sting.  Yes, some dude named Digger liked the movie The Sting so much that he decided to name his restaurant after it, and this place ROCKS!

We pop in early thinking that we will have no problem scoring a table, but alas, the joint is packed even at 6:00 p.m.  A lovely hostess says that she will be able to seat us in about twenty minutes. . .perfect. . .we can enjoy drinks at the bar while we wait–no worries.  Our bartender serves up a ‘classic’ Wisconsin Brandy Old Fashioned and a pint of La Crosse Downtown Brown Ale for us, and we sip away as we soak up the decor.  Great photos of Newman and Redford from The Sting adorn the walls, xmas lights sparkle away, and the wood all around us warms our hearts. . .mmmm, aaaahh. . .we feel good in here.

We are seated in no time at all in the back of the restaurant. . .we get to watch the crew running in and out of the kitchen. . .most wonderful!  Our server is chilled and sweet. . .she makes us feel welcomed and comfy. . .so we get busy gobbling.  We order up artichoke dip and New England Clam Chowder??!! to start–both are extremely tasty–jaaa!!. . .for entrees we do the house specialty: prime rib. . .and I do an order of the 14-ounce rib eye–both are actually cooked perfectly medium-rare–we inhale everything with relish. . .and to end the meal our server brings us a nice ice cream sundae for my wife’s birthday. . .we are stuffed, but we suck it down like there is no tomorrow. . .mmmhhmmm!

We are totally happy with this dining experience and would love to eat here again during our next visit to La Crosse.  Please consider doing a meal at Digger’s Sting if you ever find yourself hangin’ out here. . .you will be totally satisfied–I gar-ron-taaaay!

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It’s lovely out there.


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