#1 hotel, Milwaukee–

IMG_3945 IMG_3980 IMG_3979 IMG_3958MMM!  We love it here. . .this place gets our vote for the number one hotel in all of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. . .it’s called The Iron Horse Hotel, and it ROCKS!

We drive up to the hotel in its warehouse district-type location, a valet dude parks our car for us in a prime spot without me even asking for it–niiiice!…we pop on in to the front desk, the desk woman says, ‘you must be David’ after I announce that we just received our check-in text from them, she gives us our keys, asks us if we would like a ‘check-in cocktail’, we ask, “what is the cocktail?’, she says, ‘it’s an Arnold Palmer whiskey,’ we say, “uhm, YES, we will have two,” and it is delicious–jaaaa!

We then head up to our room–a corner space with a king bed–and it is wonderful.  Spacious, clean, totally tricked out with snacks, minibar, and Bigelow bathroom products. . .we drop our bags, splash our faces, and enjoy the views of Milwaukee while finishing our tasty Arnold Palmer whiskeys.  Damn, I think we are gonna have to come back here again and again. . .mmmm, aaaahh!

I strongly recommend that you consider staying in The Iron Horse Hotel the next time you visit Milwaukee. . .you will love it here–I gar-ron-taaaaay!

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It’s lovely out there.


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