fine dining…Galena, Illinois–

IMG_2988 IMG_2989 IMG_2990 IMG_3651POW!  It’s the Perry Street Brasserie here in Galena, Illinois.  We’ve heard about this place. . .we’ve read about this place–it’s been voted one of the top smalltown restaurants in America. . .and now it is time to gobble at this place–mmmm, aaahh!

We are greeted warmly upon arrival. . .the room is small-ish and cozy. . .we are whisked to our table immediately–having a reservation is definitely the way to go here as this place is quite popular.  We ask for cocktails to start. . .we are told that the bartender–who happens to be the son of the owner–has created some delightful ones…they are described to us, and they all sound too sweet or overdone. . .my wife does a sangria thing, and I ask for a whiskey on the rocks.  The sangria arrives–looks ok…and my whiskey arrives–it looks like about eight ounces of whiskey poured over a bunch of small ice cubes…no, no, no–I am not gonna attempt to drink this.  I ask the bartender to try again. . .this time just one shot of whiskey over a glassful of ice. . .aaaaahh, better.  Now I don’t have to worry about passing out before the menus arrive.

For dinner we gobble the following: baked oysters, escargots, grilled lamb chops, something called Seafood St. Lucia–a house specialty, and mushroom soup all washed down with a Rhone white. . .yummy!  All of the food is tasty and cooked nicely. . .we are not offended by any of these dishes, but we are not blown away either. . .just good straightforward honest cooking that will make you feel good about your choice to visit Galena and to dine here.  You better be quick about hitting this spot because we are told that the owner is retiring in December and moving to Puerto Rico. . .muy bien!

I send you totally adequate vibes from Perry Street Brasserie in Galena, Illinois. . .feel them. . .they will help you sleep real well tonight.

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It’s lovely out there.


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