Late-nite grub…Madtown, WI–

IMG_3556 IMG_3558 FullSizeRenderPOW!  Here we are doing a late-night gobble session at a place called Francesca’s al Lago near the state capital building in Madison, Wisconsin, and it’s pretty good.  We ingest some fish, some veal, a little pasta, a salad of some sort, and we wash it all down with a tasty Italian white of some distinction, I am sure. . .mmm, aaaahh!  We are happy here.

It is fascinating to wander around near the capital building at night because there is no one else wandering around.  Out here in the midwest people are practically married to their motorized vehicles. . .people don’t wander around.  City centers tend to be dead-ish zones, and if you do see other folks walking around they tend to be looking for their car…”now where did we park that damn thing?…grrrrr!!”

Fortunately our hotel is not far from here. . .this makes it easy for us to take advantage of the situation and stretch our legs a bit after our tasty meal.  Plus, Madison–lots of folks here like to call it ‘Madtown’–is a rather pleasant place to stroll around. . .all of the streetlights work, there are lots of big-ish houses for us to stare at, and the overall vibe is extremely relaxed and easygoing.  We love hangin’ out in Madtown. . .come on out here some time…you will love it, too–I gar-ron-taaaay!!

I send you tasty and soothing vibes from in and around Francesca’s al Lago in Madison, Wisconsin. . .feel them. . .they will help you sleep really well this evening.

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It’s lovely out there.


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