Extremely good burger…NYC–

IMG_2456 IMG_2454 IMG_2453 IMG_2452BAM!  We were watching a show on The Cooking Channel the other day called “Top 5 burgers in America,” and this place in New York City called ‘Brindle Room’ came in second place behind some joint in Oklahoma–whaaaa??!!  Right, we said, “whaaaaa??!!”  No mention of the Peter Luger burger, Corner Bistro, The Burger Joint, Minetta Tavern, Raoul’s, Joe Allen, even Donovan’s out in Queens, etc.–all with fabulous burgers but with absolutely no mention on this show. . .only the Brindle Room–hmmmm. . .so, of course, we have to go and check it out.

We roll into the Brindle Room located on 10th Street between Avenue A and First Avenue. . .the place is small, cozy, warm, and inviting. . .the chick at the front podium greets us and says we can sit at the counter as all of the tables are taken or reserved–so we sit at the counter.  Menus arrive…I order the burger with American cheese cooked medium-rare and a can of Brooklyn Lager. . .the beer arrives, I sip away. . .then the burger arrives, and it looks fabulous to me. . .I taste one of the rough hand-cut french fries first, and it is totally tasty–crispy on the outside, potato-ee on the inside–yes!, so far so good. . .back to the burger–it looks perfect to me, the American cheese is melted oh-so wonderfully all over the meat, the patty appears to be a six-ouncer–the perfect size in my humble opinion. . .plus there are caramelized onions on top of the baby, and the bun appears to be just a holder for the meat–not overly substantial, which I prefer. . .I then bite into this thing, and it is absolutely delicious. . .juice is flowing out, in, and around the pattie. . .it is cooked a perfect medium-rare–pink-ish inside but not raw-ish. . .so I now proceed to inhale this delectable tidbit of ground-beefy goodness, and I am totally happy.  I let my wife have one bite, but I devour the rest. . .mmmm, aaaahh!. . .that’s the way I roll, baby.

In short, I recommend the burger at the Brindle Room whole-heartedly. . .is it the second best burger in the entire United States of America?  I don’t know, but it is totally delicious and satisfying and burger-ree and delectable. . .I want another one right NOW–jaaa!  Get on over here and try one for yourself–you will love it. . .I gar-ron-taaaay!

I send you fabulous hamburger vibes from the Brindle Room on 10th Street in the East Village section of Manhattan, New York City. . .feel them. . .they will put you in a happy place if you allow them to.

To see more amazing images from around planet Earth simply click on a location of your choice in the category menu on the ‘About’ page of this blog. . .do it. . .so much to see and soooo little time.

It’s lovely out there.


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