Day 115…HKG to LGA via DFW–

IMG_2276IMG_2275BAM!  Final legs of the journey back to New York. . .flying for free so we gotta pop through Dallas…okeedokee, we are in no hurry to get back to the winter weather in the big city so let’s take our time, be sure we are staying hydrated, and contemplate all the good things ahead of us in the Year of the Monkey.  People keep asking us, “what is the significance of the Monkey Year?” and all that I can say is, “monkey jump around.”…maybe not as much as we jump around, but monkey definitely jump around quite a bit so get ready for lots of movement and up-n-down this year. . .always fun when things are up and down and here and there and who-knows-where.  Enjoy the ride, it’s the only one we got.

We continue to feel gratitude for the opportunity to jump around anywhere let alone Southeast Asia for these past three or four months. . .be appreciative of all of the experiences that you are having right here, right NOW. . .time is very short, kookiness is happening all over the place, people are a tad bamboozled everywhere, the universe is mysterious and mostly unknowable, our existence is fascinating and magical and worthy of endless contemplation, and all we can do is keep rockin’ and rollin’ to the very end. . .not sure where any of this is leading, but we will keep choosing joy despite everything.  How about you?  What are you gonna choose moving forward?  Hope it’s something good.

Thank you for following along with the wacky adventure we have been having. . .gonna head back to NYC, rest up a bit, and get back at it toot-sweet.  I send you nomadic vibes from Hong Kong and Dallas and New York. . .feel them. . .they will keep you warm during the remaining winter days and nights in North America…jaaa!

To see more stupendous images from around our teeny tiny planet simply click on a location of your choice in the category menu on the ‘About’ page of this blog. . .do it. . .you can go just about anywhere that you like right here, right NOW.

It’s lovely out there.


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