Day 109…world champion coffee–

IMG_0863 IMG_2136 IMG_2139 IMG_2140BAM!  Here we are sucking down lots of delectable caffeinated drinks at a place called Ristr8to Lab on Soi 5 in the Nimmanhaeman Road area of Chiang Mai, and I gotta tell you: THIS…PLACE…ROCKS!  All of the baristas are trophy-winning coffee artists. . .the coffee blends that they do here are all award-winning from somewhere reputable, I think. . .the vibe is chill. . .the music is good. . .and all of the people are sweet and welcoming–we can sit here for a long time sipping on gorgeous and delicious lattes, macchiatos, espressos, etc.. . .mmm, aaaahh!  Please come here for coffee if you ever find yourself wandering around in Chiang Mai lookin’ for a caffeine fix. . .you will love it–I gar-ron-taaayy!!

I send you jacked-up vibes from Ristr8to Lab. . .feel them. . .they will put a great big smile on your face and make your hands shake.

To see more amazing images from around planet Earth simply click on a location of your choice in the category menu on the ‘About’ page of this blog. . .do it. . .you deserve a virtual trip right here, right NOW.

It’s lovely out there.


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