Day 107…Tong Tem Toh–

IMG_2122 IMG_0860 IMG_0853 IMG_0851Wowee, wow, wow!!  Here we are puttin’ a major feed on at a wonderful restaurant called Tong Tem Toh located on Soi 13 just off the Nimmanhaeman Road in Chiang Mai. . .this place totally ROCKS!

The chef Andy Ricker of Pok-Pok fame recommends this place on one of his blogs or websites or in some interview, and we are happy to second his recommendation.  The food served here is mostly northern Thai cuisine which means that your taste buds are in store for a lot of heat, tang, and a touch of fire–all of it laced with tons of flavor that make you go “mmmm, aaaahh–gimme more!!”

For our lunch visit we gobble the northern Thai hors d’oeuvres–a sampling of the greatest soft-boiled eggs that we have ever had, Thai sausages, cracklins, crunchy raw veggies, and two amazing dipping sauces–YUM-MEEE!!. . .the Thai pork sausage omelette–delectable. . .northern-style spicy pork soup–sorta like tom yum and mouthwateringly good. . .and a crispy deep-fried whole fish–crunchy on the outside and super-moist on the inside. . .all of this washed down with a big Leo and a big Chang. . .jaaa!!

The flavor that Tong Tem Toh puts out in each of these dishes is intense and lively. . .so, put on your big boy and big girl eating outfits, head on over to Soi 13 in ‘Nimman,’ and gobble away. . .you will love it here, I gar-ron-taaay!  And if it is all just too much for you, then I say, “sorry, maybe you will enjoy this food in your next nomadic lifetime.”

I send you scintillatingly good vibes from Tong Tem Toh in Chiang Mai. . .feel them. . .they will make your eyebrows stand on end.

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It’s lovely out there.


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