Day 77…dancin’ in the moonlight–

IMG_1543MMM!  We are dancin’ in the moonlight here on Koh Phangan in The Gulf of Thailand. . .I hope that you are dancin’ somewhere right NOW!

Many people love hanging out on islands. . .a lot of islands all over the world, at least the popular ones, appear to be built up with tons of modern conveniences and luxurious accommodations, but this particular section of Koh Phangan is not about modernity or luxury, it’s about immersing one’s self into the jungle with the sea as the primary backdrop to all of one’s day-to-day activities. . .and we love it this way.  Our day-to-day activities include rising with the sun, sipping coffee, yoga and walking and stretching, showers, reading, lunch, naps, some din-din, a bit more reading, then to bed with the rising moon and stars.  Wow, I can do this for a long-long time. . .I think that we will.

If everyone on planet Earth could chill out and do some island time for a little while, then there would be no need for elections, shooting, or competing. . .just chill-laxing each and every day.

Your favorite nomadic wanderers are sending you joyous vibes right NOW…feel them, they are good for whatever ails you.

Ok, I return you to your regularly-programmed existence.

It’s lovely out there/here.


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