Day 66…arrival, Koh Phangan–

FullSizeRenderIMG_1305IMG_0399IMG_1328KABOOMY!  We made it. . .we are here on the magical island called Koh Phangan located in the southern part of The Gulf of Thailand. . .jaaa!!  Within a matter of moments after our one-hour ferry ride from the Big Buddha Pier on Koh Samui to the Haad Rin Pier on Koh Phangan I know that we are “home.”  Koh Phangan is a hilly, rugged, lush, green, and warm island. . .the topography is varied and rocky–there appear to be lots of nooks and crannies that could be explored for many months and possibly years…I love this kind of landscape.  This is not a flat simple island with lots of beaches in the middle of the sea…there is more going on here, and I immediately want to explore it.

We meet our ferry at the Big Buddha Pier at 10:30 a.m.–cost about twelve bucks for both of us. . .the ride to Koh Phangan is about an hour. . .we disembark at Haad Rin Pier. . .there is a dude with a jeep waiting to take a group of us to our final resting place here: The Sanctuary. . .mmmm, aaahh!  After a ninety-minute ride along a rugged dirt road up and down the hills of southeastern Koh Phangan we arrive–cost about thirty bucks for both of us. . .and now we will settle in to soak up the good vibes, joyous energy, and chilled-out atmosphere of our island home for the holiday season. . .and possibly the rest of our lives–jaaaa!!

I send you magical nomadic vibes from Koh Phangan in The Gulf of Thailand. . .feel them. . .they can take you higher.

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It’s lovely out there/here.


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