Day 55…most interesting pho bo EVER–

IMG_0405IMG_0400 IMG_0080IMG_0406KABOOMY!  Our nomadic wanderings take us to one of the most famous pho places in Ha Noi: Pho Thin.  Here we gobble the most interesting bowl of pho bo (pronounced “fuh baw”) that I have ever had in my entire ten year experience of eating pho bo. . .this bowl is totally magical.

Pho bo is simply Vietnamese beef noodle soup. . .”simply” I say, but there is a lot of subtle complexity going on in each bowl of this goodness.  The noodle is called “pho” (fuh), the beef is called “bo” (baw). . .there are fresh greens of scallions and other herbs added directly to the bowl (this is Ha Noi-style…down in Ho Chi Minh City you add whatever greens you like from a large selection on your table)–each place does their own particular mix. . .and finally the whole bowl is topped with steaming hot beef broth–again, each place will have their own particular broth…the main difference is that it is a tad sweet in the south and not so sweet in the north.  That’s it, just four components: noodle, beef, greens, and broth. . .so simple, yet we can spend our lives exploring the subtle variations that each purveyor of pho bo comes up with to make this quite possibly the greatest version of soup on planet Earth.

At Pho Thin the key variation that they have come up with is to saute their beef in garlic ever-so quickly and subtly before adding the beef to the bowl. . .a tiny thing, but boy-oh-boy this adds a ton of flavor and makes this bowl the most interesting to me. . .maybe not the absolute best–impossible to choose the best, really–but EXTREMELY delicious and satisfying. . .mmm, aaaahh!  Plus, you can get a side of raw eggs dropped in steaming broth to sip on and enjoy as you are gobbling your main bowl of pho bo–I always love eggs, and this just sends me over the top into ga-ga-goo-goo-land…jaaa!!  Please, come to Pho Thin in Ha Noi some time, sit down, gobble a bowl of goodness, and tell me what you think–I bet that you will LOVE IT!  If you don’t, then I will refund the USD $2.50 that it costs for your bowl…no worries:-).

I send you massively delectable vibes from Pho Thin. . .feel them. . .they will make you go, “aaaahhh!!”

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It’s lovely out there.


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