Day 33…Franco-Phnom Penh–

IMG_8865 IMG_8864  IMG_8851IMG_8855MMM!  French influence can be seen, felt, smelled, heard, and tasted everywhere here in Phnom Penh. . .c’est magnifique!  Our ongoing nomadic wanderings take us to lovely wine bars, fabulous restaurants, and quality bakeries like the Eric Kayser outlet that you see above where I sip on one of the best iced lattes that I have ever tasted–plus, the croissants are totally delectable. . .man, we are happy here in Cambodia. . .oui-oui!!

Please come on over to Phnom Penh some time. . .you can sip on refreshing roses, gobble delicious coq au vins, and ingest all that is good about life on planet Earth while sending out soothing vibes to any and all who may be suffering as a result of the attacks in Paris. . .plus, I am sending out easygoing vibes to all who feel the need to lash out cuz the world doesn’t seem to be aligned with their primitive views of existence–please, stop it.  Breathe some air. . .just kill yourself if things seem hopeless, no need to include innocents in your ridiculous anti-human behavior.  Oui?  Oui.

I wish that everyone could see that it’s lovely out there.


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