Day 31…pool time, Phnom Penh–

IMG_0086 IMG_8614 IMG_8742 IMG_0017MMM!  It’s hot here in Phnom Penh, and fortunately we have a wonderful pool to keep us cool during the mid-afternoon hours when we need it most–nomadic wanderers need good pools–jaaa!

There are a number of good hotels in town, but for us the number one spot to hang yer hat and rest yer weary bones when visiting the capital of Cambodia has got to be the Plantation, which you can see above.  This place is reasonably priced, has cozy rooms, a full compliment of staff to service every need you may have, a great location right behind the Royal Palace and a mere two blocks from the river walk, fabulous food and drinks, it has a fabulous pool–have I mentioned this already?. . .and most importantly, a warm and welcoming attitude from all of the people who work here.

The buildings that comprise the Plantation Hotel have all been converted from past government administration facilities. . .there is some architectural firm that does these types of conversions all over the world, and they are the folks responsible for this wonderful facility.  Please feel free to Google ‘Plantation Hotel in Phnom Penh’ to learn more if you are curious about this buildings-converted-into-great-hotels kind of stuff.  All I can say is that we love the Plantation, and I am willing to bet a large amount of Cambodian Riels that you will love it here, too, if you ever find yerself hangin’ out in “The Pearl of Asia”–Phnom Penh.

I send you extremely cozy vibes from the Plantation Hotel. . .feel them. . .they will grab onto you and never let go, if you allow them to. . .soo-say-daaaay!!

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It’s lovely out there.


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