Great eats…Plataran Resort Borobudur–

IMG_0004IMG_0006IMG_0072IMG_0071MMM!  The staff at the Plataran Resort Borobudur serves up totally delicious food–both western and Indonsian fare.  Above you see a sampling of both. . .fresh fruit–always welcome. . .poached eggs with curry and sausages–tasty and slightly unusual. . .Indonesian-style bbq spring chicken–probably plucked just minutes ago. . .AND spaghetti carbonara–surprisingly delectable. . .there’s a gobble-fest goin’ on here–mmmhhmmm!!

It’s important to eat well while visiting temples in the Javanese countryside, and the folks at Plataran do a smashing great job with this.  Please consider staying at Plataran if you ever find yourself toolin’ around in these parts. . .you will love it here–I gar-ron-taaay!!

I send you extremely satisfying vibes from Plataran. . .feel them. . .they will keep yer motor runnin’ for a long time.

It’s lovely out there.


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