Day 20…DFW layover–

IMG_0003IMG_0001IMG_0002Gotta use those frequent-flyer miles some time. . .why not on a two-leg journey to Hong Kong via Dallas-Fort Worth?  Okeedokee. . .as long as we get to sleep in a comfy bed along the way. . .mmm, aaaahh!  Plus, the room service here is quick, efficient, and tasty. . .we inhale a BBQ brisket quesadilla, a spicy grilled chicken sandwich, and a wedge salad WITH BACON–helpin’ us sleep real good. . .a big Texas-style sleep. . .a longhorn sleep. . .a sleep for the ages–or at least a sleep until our plane leaves in just a few hours.

Out here on the road we get many moments to cherish being alive. . .to cherish having the opportunity to bop around the planet. . .and to embrace the mystery of all this existence stuff.  David Brooks writes in The New York Times today that it is wonderful to get to know one’s self even more by releasing all of the material things one doesn’t really need. . .we say “yes” to that as we move along with two duffle bags and two back packs full of all of our ‘essentials’ that we will somehow survive with over the next three months.  “Ha-ha-haaaa”. . .we laugh in the face of all unnecessary stuff. . .upward and onward!!

Anyway, if you need a place to rest while makin’ yer way through DFW Airport, then you will like the DFW Hyatt. . .do what you gotta do, then get on outta here. . .that’s my recommendation.

I send you nomadically restful vibes from the DFW Hyatt. . .feel them. . .they are basic and good.

To see more magical images from around planet Earth simply click on a location of your choice in the category menu on the ‘About’ page of this blog. . .do it. . .you can go just about anywhere that you like right here, right NOW.

It’s lovely out there.


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