Zero Otto Nove…NYC–

IMG_7622 IMG_7621BAM!  It’s gobble time at Zero Otto Nove, 089 in Italian, and we are totally satisfied with everything that is going on here.  089 is the international dialing code for Salerno, Italy which is where the owner of this place comes from.  The original location is up in The Bronx on Arthur Avenue, but we are hangin’ in the Flatiron location on 21st Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenues in Manhattan, and I gotta tell you that the atmosphere, staff, drinks, and food are wonderful.  They do tasty brick oven pizzas, all the pastas are made in-house, the sauces are fresh and light, the soups are hearty and flavorful, and the macchiato is stiff and eye-opening–love it!  Plus, our friend Nicole Mancini, who used to be a manager at Osteria Morini, is now the manager here, and she is absolutely top-notch at the hospitality game.  Please come here for lunch or dinner some time. . .you will love it, too–I gar-ron-taaaay!

I send you delicious Italian vibes from Zero Otto Nove. . .feel them. . .they are full of exuberance and joy.

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It’s lovely out there.


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