#1 Fiorentina Bistecca…Borgo Tossignano–

IMG_0013IMG_0018  IMG_0020IMG_5914Here it is. . .no need to look any further. . .this is THE number one Fiorentina Bistecca (Florentine Beef Steak) that we have ever had, period.  The place is called Trattoria Fita. . .’Fita’ was the nickname of the guy who who started cooking bisteccas here, and above you see his grandson, Riccardo, who now runs the restaurant with his mother.  Fita is located in a town called Borgo Tossignano which is about thirty kilometers south of Bologna.  If you love red meat. . .if you love beef steak. . .if you love meat cooked over red-hot embers, then you must come and gobble one of the slabs served up here. . .it is absolutely wonderful!

Riccardo brings out our slab of beef and weighs it for us. . .it is 3.69 pounds or just under two kilos, and it is three fingers thick.  Riccardo sparks up a fire in what is basically a small fireplace with extremely good ventilation.  He pulls out some red-hot embers, forms them into a pile, places a grill over this, and then slowly introduces our piece of meat to the heat–he does not just slap the meat on the grill. . .fascinating.  He moves the slab closer and closer until the meat seems to be ready for the full cooking experience, then BOOM! our meat goes on the grill.  It sizzles and cooks for about six or seven minutes. . .then he turns it over and cooks it for another six or seven minutes. . .then he does some charing of the edges. . .then the meat is removed from the heat and allowed to rest a bit.  Finally, he slices it and delivers it to us for consumption.  I gotta tell you, this may be my absolute favorite piece of meat that I have ever eaten. . .it tastes like meat cooked on a grill with glowing embers–that’s it.  It…tastes…like…meat. . .and that is it.  Pure, simple, delicious, glorious.  I wish you could eat here some time. . .this place will change your life.

I send you clarifying vibes from Trattoria Fita in Borgo Tossignano in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy. . .feel them. . .they will take you higher.

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It’s lovely out there.


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