Approve the Iran Deal–

DSCN0028 DSCN0026 DSCN0015 DSCN0014Here I am hangin’ out in Tehran, Iran, and my friends and I recommend that the U.S. Congress approve the Iran Nuclear Weapons Deal.  No one wants to blow anyone up. . .really, it’s true. . .at least I feel it in my gut to be true. . .for whatever that is worth, not much, I know.  Folks just want respect, and one of the ways to get respect in the geo-political realm is by having nukes. . .so sad, so kooky, and so true.

Anyway, I gotta tell you, hangin’ out here in Tehran is real nice. . .everyone is friendly, the food is good, the soda and ginger beer are sooo satisfying–NOT (all the good drink and parties are hidden, we are told), and the vibe is warm and welcoming.  All we gotta do is keep talking with each other–over ginger beer and kebabs. . .and the more we interact and understand each other, the less likely it is for silliness to take place like military coups, assassinations, ground battles, conflict, manipulation, etc. and so on.  Talk, make agreements, talk some more, improve those agreements. . .so much better than bombing.

Nevertheless, I do know that it is humans and human activity and human nature that we are seeing in action here, and rarely are these things easy and satisfying.  So, approve the deal, let’s keep talking, and let’s keep doing our best to work together as best we can.  My friends above will appreciate this greatly.  Cheers!

I send you cooperative and cautious vibes from Tehran. . .feel them. . .they are worthy of our respect and attention.

It’s lovely out there.


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