Josefina’s House Special Chicken…YES!

IMG_3183IMG_3187 IMG_3188BAM!  Spring’s a poppin’ here in the big city which means it is time for something good to eat and drink.  For all of you chicken lovers out there, there is something that must be added to your “eat now” list: it is Josefina’s House Special Chicken at Mission Chinese Food on East Broadway in the lower east side section of Manhattan here in beautiful New York Citaaaaay!!

Mission Chinese Food is Danny Bowien’s amazing joint serving up the absolute tastiest Chinese food in the entire city, period.  One of Danny’s head chef’s is a woman called Angela Dimayuga. . .Angela is creating her Filipino grandmother’s chicken dish every day for all to enjoy–Lola Josefina shared this recipe with Angela a number of years ago, and it ABSOLUTELY ROCKS!!  It’s a whole chicken stuffed with a chorizo paste of sorts and three boiled eggs. . .the whole thing is trussed-up and roasted for an hour or so. . .then it is deboned, sliced, and served up on a big silver tray. . .the final touch is a secret sauce that is poured all over the delectable bird. . .THEN, we gobble down the whole thing. . .mmmm, aaaahh!  This chicken dish is right at the top alongside all of our favorite chicken dishes from around town and the globe. . .get on over to Mission Chinese and eat this thing. . .you will love it–I gar-ron-taaaaayy!  And don’t forget your whiskey. . .it’s the nectar of life:-).

I send you extremely tasty and delectable vibes from Mission Chinese Food. . .feel them. . .they are full of love and joy.

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It’s lovely out there.


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