Ass-kickin’ French bistro…NYC–

IMG_3026 IMG_3047  IMG_3028IMG_3036BAM!  Yer hangin’ out here in New York City thinkin’ about gettin’ some ass-kickin’ French food tonight or any night. . .yer not sure where to go. . .well then, look no further than a new-ish joint called Cherche Midi located on the corner of Bowery and Houston in what some call the NoLita section of Manhattan.  Cherche Midi is a Keith McNally production. . .it’s in the same space that Pulino used to occupy–McNally’s failed chi-chi pizza place.  Keith McNally doesn’t like to fail, and this is good news for us because he has revamped this spot into a wonderful, golden-glow French bistro of the highest order. . .we love it here. . .and you will love it here, too, I gar-ron-taaaaay!

During our visit we gobble pan-roasted foie gras, frogs’ legs, skate meuniere, prime rib with pommes souffles, fine cheeses, and a raspberry souffle that is like breathing in raspberry air–amazing…everything is absolutely amazing!!  All of this goodness is washed down with an extremely reasonable St. Emilion. . .mmmm, aaaahh!  We are tres tres happy.

I send you golden-glow vibes from Cherche Midi. . .feel them. . .they make it feel real good to be alive.

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It’s lovely out there.


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