Clean slate for 2558–

IMG_0010 IMG_0011With the new year approaching it makes sense to clean the slate before the arrival of twenty-five fifty-eight.  Monk Chat can help you do this, maybe, but this is not the main purpose of Monk Chat.  Monk Chat is all about having casual conversations with monks who live and work in and around the various wats of Chiang Mai and beyond in an attempt to learn something about their lives, Buddhism, wats, etc.  We chat with a monk who is actually from Burma/Myanmar. . .he is hanging out in Chiang Mai on a bit of a pilgrimage, he is also quite young and probably quite low on the seniority scale–so, he gets to do Monk Chat with gringos like us.  We really don’t learn much from our monk other than the fact that he is living in the moment. . .only focused on the here and now. . .not concerned about the past or the future. . .we like this vibe.  Thank you, monk, thank you for sharing this vibe with us.

I send you in-the-moment vibes from Chiang Mai, Thailand. . .feel them. . .they are about the best that you can hope for.

Have a great 2558/2015.

It’s lovely out there.


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