Modernity encroaching–

IMG_0002 IMG_0007 IMG_0010 IMG_0028Some folks hate this thing, some folks love it.  We love it.  The Bagan Viewing Tower sits on the grounds of the Aureum Palace Resort smack dab in the middle of the historic plains of Bagan.  As guests of the resort we are allowed “free” access to the tower for the best views in town. . .we are honored and humbled to be here and to have the opportunity to take in these vistas. . .mmm, aaaahh!  By the way, that’s the Irrawaddy River in the distance. . .the mighty Irrawaddy. . .rollin’ along.

Get here on April 10 of this year–2015–and you can participate in the ten-year anniversary of the opening of the tower. . .if there is a ten-year anniversary celebration.  Bring plenty of crisp, clean U.S. or E.U. currency, and you can create a celebration of your own any time.

I send you breathtaking vibes from the Bagan Viewing Tower. . .feel them. . .they are worthy of your attention.

It’s lovely out there.


4 thoughts on “Modernity encroaching–

  1. Your Myanmar series has been excellent ~ can smell the fresh air, incredible sunrises and feel the great hospitality of the people. One of my favorite countries/places I have ever visited…so cool to see you enjoying the same. Cheers to the upcoming Lunar New Year!


    • Thank you, buddy! Having lots of fun reviewing the images and throwing some of them ‘out there’ for others to see. Yes, we agree that Myanmar is near the top of the list for favorite countries. Had dinner with a friend last night and told him that Myanmar seduced us. . .he asked me to explain. . .I said you just gotta go. He will some day. Happy New Year to you as well. . .may you have a wonderful Sheep year. . .cheers!


      • That’s it… People have asked me the same about Myanmar and I there is no other way to explain it than ‘being there.’
        Cheers to a great year of the sheep ahead!


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