Manuha Phaya…Bagan–

IMG_0252 IMG_0257 IMG_0256IMG_0260This temple was built by a guy called King Manuha to honor his time as a prisoner of war.  Manuha wanted to convey a sense of confinement with this structure. . .soooo, he had his people construct a Buddha as large as possible, and then he had a building constructed around the Buddha that is only just big enough to enclose the Buddha. . .very confined-feeling, yes?  Yes.  Wonderful to leave this inside of this structure and run into a sweet postcard peddler. . .unfortunately, she did not convince me to buy any postcards. . .what a tight wad I am. . .maybe next time, darlin’.

I send you constricting vibes from Manuha Phaya here in Bagan. . .feel them. . .they can remind you how lucky you are to be free.

It’s lovely out there.


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