Magical vistas…Bagan–

IMG_0058 IMG_0057 IMG_0056IMG_0059POW!  Here we are checking out some vistas from the top of a pagoda called Bule Thi, and as you can see they are magical and mystical and just downright gorgeous.  We like this pagoda so much that I think that we will return tomorrow morning to watch the sunrise. . .gonna be even more magical and mystical and gorgeous–I gar-ron-tay!

So we have just gotten off of our plane, dropped our bags at our hotel, and now we get to sit in the middle of one of the world’s great sites–the temples and pagodas of Bagan. . .damn, how did we get to be so lucky?  I don’t know. . .I truly don’t know. . .this ‘not knowing’ makes us incredibly honored to be here–thank you universe for allowing us to spend time in one of the greatest landscapes on Earth.  So freeing to ‘not know’. . .mmmm, aaaahh!

Most of these structures are 6, 7, 8 hundred years old. . .some are thousands of years old. . .all have been built to pay tribute and respect to the various spirits and rulers and nobles who have roamed these plains.  We continue this tradition by visiting and supporting all of the peoples who live and work here today.  The people of Bagan and all of Myanmar rock!  Visit here some day. . .you will love!

It’s lovely out there.


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