Buddha’s tooth…jaaa!

IMG_0296 IMG_0301  IMG_0309IMG_0306YES!  It’s here. . .the Buddha’s tooth is here. . .or at least a rough facsimile of it is here on the grounds of this pagoda in Yangon, Myanmar. . .and we are honored to have the opportunity to stand in the presence of this wonderful relic.

One of the nicknames of Myanmar is “The Golden Land.”  I gotta tell you, this is the perfect label for this country cuz there is a golden object–be it a pagoda, roof, stupa, temple, image of Buddha, etc.–everywhere we look.  Golden stuff here, golden stuff there, golden stuff everywhere. . .makes Myanmar feel magical and other-worldly and uplifting and soothing all at the same time.  Get here now. . .before hoards of gringos overrun this place and ruin the easygoing vibe that we feel here.

I send you magical vibes from Myanmar. . .feel them. . .they can lift you higher.

It’s lovely out there.


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