Hangin’ with the locals…

IMG_0218 IMG_0224 IMG_0226…in Yangon, Myanmar is fun.  Everyone here is friendly to us and refreshingly curious–particularly about my blue-eyed caucazoid self.  I haven’t received this much attention as a gringo in a foreign land since my tour of India back in ‘o5.  I am not just another white man killin’ time like so many in Thailand and Vietnam. . .in Myanmar I am new and novel. . .jaaa!

Myanmar only just emerged from strict military rule back in 2011, and lots of new stuff is happening here. . .bars are opening, hotels are being refurbished, new hotels are being built, new office buildings are opening, old colonial buildings are being retrofitted for new purposes, restaurants are popping up, etc. and so on.  City officials want to shake hands, monks stare at us, and befuddled locals can’t believe that we are eating with them in the local noodle joints. . .there is a buzz here, a buzz of activity, a buzz of good things to come for Myanmar and her people.  Get over here and visit NOW. . .before they learn how annoying gringos can actually be.

I send you up-and-coming vibes from Yangon. . .feel them. . .they are exciting and fun.

It’s lovely out there.


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