Freedom on the rise–

IMG_0097 IMG_0152 IMG_0155 IMG_0156For a long time here in Myanmar no one had access to newspapers and books.  Now one sees newspaper stands and book stalls all over the streets of Yangon. . .and it is common to see people sitting out in the open reading a paper.  No big deal, you say. . .well say again, this is actually a huge deal here. . .a blatant and proud display of freedom of a sort returning to Myanmar.  But they still have a long way to go. . .for example, no one is allowed to ride a motorized scooter anywhere in the city limits of Yangon anymore.  Why?  Because the current president banned scooters after someone rode by his car on a scooter, pointed his hand at the leader as if shooting a pistol at him, and then sped off.  Well, how do we squash this behavior?  We ban scooters for all and create horrendous traffic jams all over town with folks trying to maneuver around each other in cars.  Dat’s how the leaders roll in Myanmar. . .salut!

At least termite eradicating powder is available to all who need it.  It’s the little things that make life worth living.

I send you vibes of varying levels of freedom. . .feel them. . .while you are still allowed to.

It’s lovely out there.


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