#1 Lao food…NYC–

IMG_1557 IMG_1556 IMG_1555 IMG_1558BAM!  Here we are puttin’ a feed on at a great place called Khe-Yo located on Duane Street in the Tribeca section of Manhattan, New York Citaaay.  The head guy is a dude called Phet. . .he is from Laos, and he wants everyone to experience fine versions of the food from his homeland.  Lao cuisine has arrived in the big city, and I gotta tell you this stuff is GOOD.  We gobbled tasty items like chili prawns, red snapper cooked in a banana leaf, dumplings, soups, brussels sprouts leaves, etc. and so on. . .everything absolutely delicious.  To wash everything down they have a full bar with a variety of whiskeys to choose from, cold draught beers, and a totally reasonable wine list.  And best of all, the staff here is chilled-out and extremely helpful. . .jaaaa!!  This place is a winner.

Phet used to work with Marc Forgione before ‘Forge’ helped him start his own place. . .in fact, Khe-Yo (which means “green” in Lao, by-the-way) is located right around the corner from Marc Forgione’s restaurant. . .so it is easy for these fabulous chefs to keep in touch with each other and monitor the progress of both of their bastions of fine food.

I send you mouth-watering and eye-opening vibes from Khe-Yo. . .feel them. . .they are a doorway to a little-visited section of Southeast Asia and her cuisine.

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It’s lovely out there.


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