Breaux Bridge…Pont Breaux–

photo 5 photo 3YES!…there is an actual bridge called ‘breaux’  here in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana.  The name is written in French, Pont Breaux, on one side, and it is written in English on the other side. . .an homage to past allegiances and current.  But, of course, my favorite piece of decor on this bridge is the large image of a crawfish with the American flag in the background.  The crawfish is an important element of Cajun life. . .the swamps and bayous are full of crawfish, and the people here revere this little crustacean.  There is not a lot of meat in a crawfish–essentially a tiny lobster–but boy-oh-boy when they boil these guys up in a pot of Cajun spices they are as gobble-worthy as any other type of seafood you can think of.  Plus, the Cajun people respect the seasons for the crawfish. . .they are only available for harvesting and consumption from around October to the first week of June or so. . .woe on you who visit here in the summer.

I send you respectful vibes from Breaux Bridge. . .feel them. . .they are portioned out naturally.

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It’s lovely out there.


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