Brunch in Harlem…fabulous!

IMG_0008 IMG_0007 IMG_0006photo 5BOOM!  Here we are brunching at a place called Red Rooster up in the Harlem section of Manhattan, New York City.  This place is the creation of a guy called Marcus Samuelsson, and it is totally lively and absolutely delicious.  Marcus is an Ethiopian dude who was raised in Sweden. . .soooo his unique heritage gives him an equally unique vision in his creation of food, and we all benefit when we are lookin’ to put a feed on.  Get on up to Harlem and sample his fried chicken and his “mac and greens” topped with lobster, bacon, and perfectly cooked fried eggs. . .mmmm, aaaahh!  I love Red Rooster, and you will too if you ever find yourself in this wonderful restaurant.

I send you delectable vibes from Harlem. . .feel them. . .they are worthy of your attention.

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It’s lovely out there.

One thought on “Brunch in Harlem…fabulous!

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